General temporary fix for low fps problems
hey guys how is everyone Big Grin  goood? nice Smile

soo i noticed that many people are annoyed with the lag and fps rate so yeah i hade this problem too i thought its duo to my bad connection but guess what....... it is not.....and maybe we will never know the reason Exclamation

but here is a tip that worked for me
i dontknow how or why but for some reason razor cortex aka razor game booster works like magic

now im playing my game on high settings

so thats it go download it here then register then add ur game in the library now everytim u start ur game razor cortex work automaticly
and yeah thats it......easy right? ah and lemme know if it worked for u cause it works for me on all games not just sw
This only turns off/suspend unused processes while you are playing, while the actual FPS drop is due to the game's bad optimization.

If you have a mid tier/low end PC and you usually keep a lot of apps on at the same time, you will definitely feel an improvement, but if you own a good comp with enough knowledge to turn off all the unused apps before starting the game, this will make no difference at all.

Remember that the real FPS issues starts after you keep your game on for a while or press L (achievement menu, currently cause FPS to drop & stay lower than usual as long as the game is on until its restarted).
yeah i know it frees memory thats all but it worked for me  before i use it i coudnt even play if i summon one supporter fps drops to 10 now i can play in full party and on high setting thats why i wanted u guys to try it

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