Grace City theme music mute/wierd bling sound
anyone noticed or experience it?

grace city theme does not stop completely and some sound effect lost such as
weapon holster, quest sound, emoticons sound etc. However i can hear footsteps....Some times the music suddenly restarted again.

in addition, there is this wierd strong bling sound that happen quite frequent. i checked some youtube video have this issue as well.

so far i only noticed this issue when i enter grace city...and the problem carries to other places including district 6. While i dont face any dungeon bling sound....there are some youtube video have this problem in dungeon. is this bling sound sort of feature in the game? or something im missing?

other city have no such problem.
anyone have solution for this?
i have this distict 6's music problem now Sad. Did you solve it and how did you solve it. Can you help me

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