Guild 2/3 Fusion?
Hello guys,

I just wanted to ask something or rather bring up a suggestion

It came up to my mind that it would really awesome if all active players from guild #2 and guild #3 fuse to one guild. 
Guild #2 (ExiledHQ) doesn't really feel alive at all. To be honest i could 2-3 people which i see sometimes online. All the others were "days ago online"
I do not know how guild #3 looks so far and how's the situation is but it would make more sense to get them into guild #2.
That is just being my idea and hope someone replys.

While I do agree that ExiledHQ isnt as frequently active, (theres people who has alt. characters ,people who had to be offline due to Exams/Finals comming up) guild 3 aka SWFC is pretty heavinly active due the people recently comming into the guild being more active than the actual main guild. Even then though Discord is pretty much our way to be active and communicate with other guildmates and theres not much additonal benefits to the guild except having an exclusive guild chat.

Then again im not the one whos controling ExiledHQ.
I do totally agree with your points and don't got much more to add.
For myself i came up to the conclusion leaving ExiledHQ and just apply to guild #3.

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