I've been trying for over 4 hours sitting in my chair trying to hit the Japanese captcha, I've tried everything, I've got the hiragana from wikipedia, lexilogos, google translate, etc ... BUT ALL I DO DOES NOT AHEAD FROM ANYTHING, Always '' Try again, try again, try again '', '' Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong '' DAMN! I reached a level of spending 5 minutes CONFIRMING just one hiragana, 20+ minutes for only 1 captcha, but ... '' Try again ''. FU **. I do not know, this is impossible, I'm sure of 50 captcha, 40 was right, but ... nothing ..

Sorry for the post so "angry", but honestly, no one would be normal after trying for more than 4 hours sitting in a chair trying to hit the captcha ... and sorry for my english. Angry

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