Haru skill build
Need some advice for leveling skill for haru.She have too much skill that i want to max
1.fast slash.....bread butter.....at lv 13 upgrade it. This thing actually does the most damage on non SG monster until you get wind break?(lv34 with evolve charge lv 50)...max this as fast possible. i believe its 541+339 (upgrade) multiplier
2.power slash is pretty much your second damage dealing  683%. it does have average SA damage
3. leaf (lift strike) this thing does the most damage on SA (whooping more than 1.2k with hit upgrade). increase Aoe not necessary as haru got loads of aoe attacks.
4. flash stab....this is your second SA  strongest attack...couple with lift strike +flash stab is a  nice combo to break SA.
4 pierce stab and evolve it to rotation slash..A good combo proceeded with fast slash (usually enough to kill normal mobs in this 2 combo)
6. cross slash lv28 is interesting in a way it does huge damage provided your enemy stays in the burning aoe. This is your first aerial skill. (can only be active when you jump or use basic combo LLR then(hold R)click.
5. basic attack mastey....self explanatory.....
6. arena rush...what not to love 20% damage to whole party member....for a very long duration..max it..use this before you use your ultimate blade shower.
7. endless struggle for 15% damage
8. Wind break lv 34......biggest aoe attack that pushes mobs really far. This thing does huge damage especially charge verrsion (although late lv 50...)
9. ultimate blade shower....well thats end game stuff....

less priority:
1.blade quake is.....well its good for SA break but the animation is slow. it does have stun upgrade.  Howeverboss ...they dont stun....and chances you get caught in a super strong aoe attack. You will use lift+flash stab for SA breaking.
2.Dont bother spin cutter..its rather weak
3.blow up sound great but 50% SG reduction is not much since you gain soo much SG from normal attacks that you can constantly combo within its short duration. Especially when you unlock Vapor awakening which gives super armor for 60 seconds. if only the CD is around 30 sec...instead of 45 sec...
4.special ability mastery...while interesting...this thing gives more SG recovery when monster get hit in aerial. Which again SG is not much of issue since this game SG recover soo much...
5. blade wall....weak attack...the only function is to gather mobs to  point where you can combo with powerbreak/fastslash/lift strike......

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