Hello <:
Hi there :'D I started playing Soulworker after seeing a couple of screenshots and decided to try it out. So far it's pretty fun <: My favourite character would be Erwin because I fell in love with him at first sight HAHA. -ahem-
Umm so, since I'm new to the game, I'm not sure about how the class system works here. Are there any job advance? Also, is there a skill build for Erwin as of now? :0 
It would be nice to hear some suggestions of what I should take note of when starting out! <: 
My ign is Naitoka in katakana; ナイトか. Pleased to meet you ^7^
I love 2D guys ;7;
[Image: OaylvcL.gif]
Hello Naitoka and welcome to the Community!

I would recommend you to apply firstly for a guild (just check out the subthread
"Guilds"  and visit the Discord chat to have a chat with the people.
There you might find a lot of answers for your questions 
Welcome~ c:
Hello Im new also! if you want to add me my name is kikuo in hiragana きくお

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