Anybody here from South East Asia who plays the server or better someone specifically residing in the Philippines playing the game?

And does it still require a VPN even if you are from the East? And what's the current state of the game? I only got to watch a few videos of it from Steparu.  Blush
Im from SG. yup you need VPN.
VPN is required because u need to access their website for login, install and launch their game within their website.
if not, your access to their webpage will be blocked.

You only need to on VPN when
1. entering their website with IE for login and gamestart launcher (the only way to launch this game)
2. to initiallize installation...after it starts to download...you can turn it off for faster installation. 
3. to update their game whenever there is a new patch (again you can off VPN once it starts to patch..most of the time the patch size is small so you dont really need to off VPN here).
4. to start the game. After you press start game from launcher..you can immediately off VPN.

as for current state..im not sure..all i know there a lots of player and able to que with random parties. Gameplay wise if you are a hardcore it should take several days-1 week to finish first season storyline. If you are casual and like to solo it will take several weeks.
I'm from Malaysia,only need VPN to login and launch the game though,before the game is finished loading up after launch I use my own internet for stability and better connection.So yeah,I hardly get lag even when playing with Japanese.

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