How is the ping?
I mainly am concerned about the PvP aspect in any MMO that I try, and the combat in this game looks really good, but what are you guys' ping like what playing this game in the US?
I doubt that PvP would arrive anytime soon, the game's still just freshly launched and rising. Aside from that, I'd love to see PvP as well.
PVP will be available sooner or later in the lawless area (district 6), pretty much "open PK" while trying to kill mobs/the boss in the center of that map.

The game's connection isn't peer to peer, therefore those who lag are punished automatically by the server instead of making advantage out of it, in others words, if you experience high latency PVP is not advised, you can still do PVE just fine.

If you are still concerned about PVP, I recommend that you wait until the appropriate regions are released for the game before participating in such feature.

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