How to Install and Run Soul Worker
Official Soul Worker Install Instructions from Hangame

1. Click on the GAME START of Soul Worker Website.
[Image: 0331_beginner001.png]

2. When you press the GAME START, we'll take you to the ActiveX DL site in the Hangame. Automatically pop-up is displayed, press the Install button.

[Image: 0331_beginner002.png]

3. Select Install

[Image: 0331_beginner003.png]

[Image: 0331_beginner004.png]

5. Client screen appears, press the Install button.

[Image: 0331_beginner005.png]

6. Press OK
[Image: 0331_beginner006.png]
Do NOT PM me for game related questions! Use Discord Chat or Forums for Support.

Soul Worker Information
Stamina Reset: 10 AM JST
» Other Timezones: 6PM PDT | 9PM EDT

Major Updates
» Character Rebalance
» Cultivation System
» Golden Citadel

Latest Patch Notes
» Patch Notes 6/15

Latest Trailer
» Animation Short 5

Latest Events
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