I haven't received WPT rewards yet?
I logged on today to see they were giving out OBT stuff, along with other rewards, but I still haven't received anything during my participation of WPT. I'm supposed to receive a title and a poster for participation, but nothing has appeared so far. I've tried contacting them through Twitter, but they don't respond. I don't see a 'contact us' or anything of the sort on the official site, so I can't even submit a ticket that way to ask about this.

Good news is, I haven't seen anyone running around with the WPT title yet, so that tells me that maybe they just haven't distributed the stuff yet. It could also mean I just haven't encountered one of the WPT players yet... There were only 999 of us after all. Does anybody know when they're supposed to be distributing this stuff though? Last I heard, it was TBA and they never gave a date, even during OBT or after the game went live on 4/6.

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