I need someone to upload the entire game folder.
Hello, I've stopped playing Soul Worker a month ago , but now I want to play it again. But the problem is, Every time i try to update the game, it keeps showing me -7001 error. I've tried things, but it seem that it didn't worked. The final solution is to download the game again, but the networking at my place is painfully slow due to the link between Asia and other country is corrupted, many ISP at my country also got affected. Most ISP at here switched to emergency link but, the network is not good enough for downloading. But the connection to USA, Europe is suprisingly good. (Got 11,8 MB/s while downloading nexon us games). So I want to have a copy of the game , updated, clean. And set it on a no restriction file host, I prefer google drive. And the game must be compressed in zip or something else, because google and other services can't compress the game's file, it's too much.
This also can help people download this game even faster. I think?
Also I've googled soul worker on different file host and only an old version showed up, and google can't generate download link.
I've also checked SWHQ's FAQ: and the solution to stop VPN right after pressing "Game start" didn't worked for me, It worked before.
Please save me from 12 hours of download, thanks.

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