Hey guys, i figured due to the down-time caused by the server maintenance - i'd give an introduction.

I've been playing Soul Worker for a few days now - i was considering waiting for it to come to the EU before i gave it a go but the anticipation was killing me so i decided to jump into it early. I'm not much of a people person to be honest so i've mostly been keeping to myself while playing but it's dawned on me that i'm being somewhat ignorant towards the main feature of which makes an MMORPG enjoyable & different to most / maybe all other games - which is the the community, but given the fact that the in-game community mostly consists of Japanese players, it's hard to interact with anyone at all once i've gotten past my initial anxiety barrier - In other words it's starting to become a little bit lonely and i've realised that if i'm not submersed in social interaction while playing this game i'll probably get bored of it a lot quicker than normal.

So again - Hey. I've been lurking a little bit in the forums, everyone seems to be fairly nice - some a little trolly, some a little cringey, but mostly nice & helpful (from what i've seen).

I'd like to join a guild but from what i've seen most leaders request that you PM / direct message them while applying and i have a really hard time doing that - so i figured i'd take the first step in being part of a community by getting over the first hurdle.

Nice to meet you all.

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