Is this game solo friendly?
I want to ask anyone who have played this game for a while and have progressed to the late / end game if this game is solo friendly (more specifically: Is the scalling balanced for solo players?) because I don't feel comfortable going into dungeons with random people especially when there're chances that I will lag but also, I really enjoy solo-ing dungeons
Yes the game is quite solo friendly unless you're Erwin. Try to invest on Good ARs for soloing such as Dancing Dolls.

Playing with teammates will increase the hp increment of enemies.
It's not that bad as Erwin.  Though you do have 0 effective grouping skills and enemy AI/ your supporters sometimes cause the mobs to move out of the straight line you were setting up for guided shot, it's still manageable.  Also, as Risette said monster hp changes so if you're playing with people it might actually cause you're clear times to go up.

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