[LETS DISCUSS] -What AR card you find useful
not sure if there are any site with all AR card effects...but anyways what card you like and find useful...

1. block card...cric buff is always nice
2. cynthia....well her healing is good for 30 sec CD. Huge aoe help other players as well
3. medical team card.....15...20..25% hp...whats not to love hp
4. that combo card (forgot the name)...100 combo gets 3%-5% attack boost stack up to 3 times...last 15 second and refresh if hit 100 combo. Pretty easy to stack 100 hit combo.
(good againts boss if you have super armor brooch to keep on combo counter.)
5. that ninja buff card.....cool ninpo effect... but CD is too long..
6. that hell collector card....10% hp recovery when subjected to status effect. Paralysis is pretty normal in town 4....

i haven got xenia card...but i notice some video uses her....not sure if its good or not...
[Image: StrikeForce_zpsj03trogv.png] Who doesn't want free attack and crit rate buffs, and you only need to equip it to get the buffs without need the probabilty and time limit  Big Grin
[Image: Xenia_zpsesq26wgk.png] Free 30% recovery of my SG every 1 minute? Definitely a good card as a Stella player who loves to spam skills.

I currently only have this 2 good cards. Still searching for better ones. Maybe I'll get Block for the crit...
oh yea i forgotten that strike force card...good thing i got it from free random roll
haha same here, got it from free roll as well.
i noticed they are kind of special cards?
there is no crafting materials for them?
My guess is that they are only available via AR cube, which we have to buy from the Cash Shop or exchange with S Coin
any idea what dignity snatcher card do?
the material itself (secret extortion) cost about 3m
Hmm no idea yet. I myself am trying to get it but RNG...
not to mention those 6k BP card.....azine and bookerTV (lol sound like bookerT from WWF)...
Hmm I could try to get one of those right now with 6,600 BP in my hands. Which do u think I should try for?  Big Grin
clumsy azine or wwf bookerT lol.. up to you
do for greater good and science......
[Image: Booker_zpsszohdskp.png]Welp, I just went to the first on the list.
Only affects in District 6. We don't really need this yet then.
[Image: mspaint_2016-04-15_02-12-20.png]
hmm booker card is not that bad for that boss raid
Yea. 2nd Level of that card is 5s every 10seconds. I cant remember the attack power, but should be 5%. or perhaps no change.
guys how to change star cards into Nebula?
[Image: Nebula_zpsiptkjpvu.png]talk to io. At the 4th tab, should show this screen. 10 Star cards for 1 Nebula card.
god lvling nebula version AR card to Galaxy is crazy...my cynthia only recieve 2.5% exp per star card sacrifice...
what i dont get is that the price for galaxy card. Im seeing 3mil only?

10 star card alone is roughly 1.5m-2m...for a nebula

and 10 nebula is already 15m-20m...for a galaxy

even if galaxy card drop/ roll box randomly, i dont think the price drop soo much.. unless im missing something here...
Well, I just got a Galaxy Card drop from Mad Edgar at Last Carnival. Free 15mil for me?  Big Grin

and yea, lvling nebula AR to galaxy is tough... even with 2* guruton, its 7.5% each

Correction: free 5mil. price seems to be dropping. Probably because of the drop for Last Carnival
it takes about 40 cards to get galaxy exp worth...

at 150k per card.........thats about 6m to get a galaxy rank AR card. Asuming each star card 150k..(most of the time its 190-200k).  Then another 3m-4m for a galaxy card.....

6m+3m seems the same as GIGA brooch set. My giga brooch set alone cost roughly 10-12m each costume part (penetration+DR boss+super armor).

update: just got snactcher card (its actually amarylis without the girl)...its pretty good card
have medium aoe  lifesteal 15% hp at nebula level with CD. Additionally there is a paralyzing effect that last about 10 sec.

got martin card (drop from final boss/cheap at AH board): this card is crazy OP....basically it turns your to nearly immortal....at star level you gain 3% life regen for 5 seconds at 20% probability ( i find it nearly 100% chance) when hit....with CD of 10 sec...thats like 15% regen every 5 second.. At nebula level you gain 25% hp....with 45k hp....you wont even die unless u get aoe dots......good bye cynthia/snatcher and potion ...

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