Live [SW-JP 02/06/20] VALENTINE EVENT 2020
     ・ Valentine Event 2020

◆ ◆ VALENTINE EVENT 2020 ◆ ◆

     [Image: 5-1_Banner_Valentine_Event_2020.jpg]
               February 06 (Thursday) ~ February 27 (Thursday), before maintenance
          【Crafting Period】
               February 06 (Thursday) ~ march 12 (Thursday), before maintenance
               ■ Receive Chocolates
                    ・ Receive 「[EV] Valentine Chocolate Box ([EV]バレンタインチョコボックス)」 by clearing Event Daily Missions.
                    ・ Likewise, the event item may seldom drop from dungeon bosses.
                         ※ Daily Missions are updated daily at 11:00 JST.
                         ※ Ranking Dungeons, 「Abyss Lounge」 and 「Solo Altar of Void」 do not count.
                         ※ You can only receive these Missions once you gain access to Candus City.

                    [Image: 5-1-1_Valentine_Choco_Box.png]
               ■ Make your own Valentine Chocolates?!
                    ・ Receive 1 of 4 items by opening the 「[EV] Valentine Chocolate Box」.
                    ・ Use these items to craft various Valentine items from NPC Glutton [S Coin Shop]’s 「Event」 Tab.
                         ※ There is a crafting limit for all items.
                         ※ The number of items that can be crafted are either on a per character or per account bases.
                         ※ The crafting limit for 「[Limited-Time] Energy Converter」 and 「[Limited-Time] Q.B.D [Enhancement Protection]」 resets every day at 09:00 JST.
                         ※ The 「[Limited-Time] Energy Converter」 and 「[Limited-Time] Q.B.D [Enhancement Protection]」 will be consumed first before non-periodic items, and cannot be used after the event ends.

                    [Image: 5-1-2_Crafting_Window.png]

                    [Image: 5-1-3_Craftable_Items_Sample.png]

[Image: dddfdfd4154fds.gif]

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