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Hello I have been playing soul worker JP for about 2-5 months. So recently I stopped playing It because I had IRL stuff to do and I was kinda busy with stuff. I returned to the game apperantly i did some mistakes that caused my Secondary Password or PIN to enter the character LOCKED  and it says to unlock It I need to go to the Soul workers Homepage. What I should do to unlock it I got alot of stuff in there and high level characters and dont want to make a new account and play and get everything over again. Please tell me if anybody knows where to unlock it and how please reply thank you  Smile Smile
To unlock you will have to contact the customer support (in japanese) and provide IRL infos such as address & phone number to claim it back.

Yeah its hopeless for your, and not for you alone, this is a big issue for everyone playing the game right now and I hope they make an alternative solution that is usable by foreigners.

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