Login Screen Problem

.jpg   SWScreenShot_20160410[17-13-51].jpg (Size: 17.15 KB / Downloads: 373) I don't quite understand japanese and this happens to me today. Anyone knows what does it says?
it says that you violated the Terms of Service and your account is permanently banned
this happens to A LOT of people, even japanese people, their forums are full of "BAN???" threads
Aww Sad  I got lvl 30 char in there.. Ty anyways Sleepy
I also got that error today, so I guess I was banned too? but I wonder if its a mistake, I dont think I did anything that deserves banning, unless.. mailing items from my main character to my other characters I have but was same account so, dont think that was wrong. And I had just reached lv 35 last night!
The ban should be removed. Hangame has said the bans were an accident.
Do NOT PM me for game related questions! Use Discord Chat or Forums for Support.
(04-10-2016, 03:18 PM)Casey Wrote: The ban should be removed. Hangame has said the bans were an accident.
Even though i have created a new account, but still I miss my old Jazz. Thanks for that Big Grin. Also can we know when the proper translation will be released? The Formica translation really helps us but I think it will be better if we have a proper translation.
Good thing it was just a mistake and they removed it fast, I can use my account now, I had already made a new one this morning, but its nice to be able to play with my main account and have all those things I got from OBT

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