My review on the game
It's a bit lengthy, but I wanted to post it here for your opinions on it. I hope you all enjoy!

this game is something what pso2 started. Pso2 nowdays have very extensive/load of stuff (in fact too much) and pretty much successful in jp.

1.linear dungeon seems to be similar to pso2/tales mythology . Im hoping it will expand to open dungeon/field as well. Something like raid in district 6 with that monster under that tokyo tower.

2. quest: well its story driven, so its pretty much talk person 1..2 ..3 ...1 then dungeon. However some of the ending for chain quest rewards good stuff

3. AR card is pretty interesting. Eg so far i like cynthia card that heals group by 15% (galaxy). Have 4 party member and you have 60% hp cover up. it kinda replace pet system in other game that assist player. Maybe future they will add more summon buff card to further diversify gameplay. AR also makes build more interesting. Some of the cards  have kinda like proc base effect. Some gear also come in with proc base effect like attack gain hp.
Brooch and familiar socketing further diversity builds. Although i hope there wont be only one META build that is viable. 

4. crafting gear....TBH if only they increase gap between gear lv.....each 2 level and you get new gears...gear blueprint alone is really hard to get. To the point that when you get one, you are already +5-10 levels making that weapon obselete.  On the other note, was it just me or i noticed search function in auction house seems to lag.

5. combo system will definetely improved. eg At lv 28 haru gained her first aerial skill...i believe they will add more in the future. Meanwhile skill
upgrade/evolve allows multiple options of builds. So far there only few skill that are allowed to evolve (add more hits/animation/effect). hopefully it will expand later on. Pso2 first started with simple some classes that can fly/airborn for soo long with aerial combat.

6. pvp....well elsword first started with only few characters (although they expand class system). Maybe this game will add more character like the missing chainsaw girl (although she does share some haru skills). And further enchance to another job system?wishful thinking.

7. i believe there use to be duo combo super attack in old trailers. maybe its a feature that DEV keeping for the future content. So far they do have devil trigger effect/awakening (soul vapor?) after certain storyline.

8. Stamina pretty much what some game have eg. elsword. its a point to avoid powerleveling in one day and max character in few days. However its pretty much one of the strategy  to introduce cash item that replenish daily stamina/ VIP system with unlimited stamina. 

9. difficulty wise...even at lv 40 was not really that hard.....first CBT butchered soo many tester to the point they lower the difficulty drastically.
well this game just started maybe later we will have VH-->Super hard -->ultra hard-->ultimate difficulty?
Good points! I didn't think of many of this that way.

I wouldn't complain if SW ended up getting tons of content like PSO2 did. (In my opinion, it's better to have too many than too little...)

And yeah, those games did have similar dungeon styles. I guess I just wanted a bit more flavor to dungeon layout since the quests change quite a bit from time to itme.

AR cards, I'll admit. I didn't really give much focus. I'm starting to like them more and more, but overall, they are an interesting addition to the game. Once I get better AR Cards, my opinion will change from "not interested" to "in love"

As for gear, yeah it really needs to be spaced out a bit. Grinding for one weapon to only throw it out for a better one two levels later is a bit counter-intuitive... As for the search menu, it didn't give me any problems.

I think the combo system is amazing and will continue to get better and better. It's just the characters' skill trees that I find a bit linear in terms of "personal builds" When they do improve on this, I hope they do things similar to PSO2 like you mentioned.

Yeah, with the roster, I really hope they bring back ChainBlade & provide more characters/playstyles to give more variety in this department. It could really use it, but this isn't really an issue for now since the game is still in it's infancy.

I would LOVE to see the combo super attacks come back. That would be epic.

And I understand exactly why they put in stamina systems. I just feel that they should provide content for players that reach max level instead of putting a limit on play time. (EG: If the player Level Cap is 40, make level 50 party dungeons with tons of hard to get loot.) Doing this allows the player to keep playing, but at the same time, keeps them from reaching "the max" of the character. Elsword suffered from this greatly since it didn't really require a party to get most of the stuff and the stamina drained WAY too quick for some players. Developers need to keep in mind that some players are hardcore in terms of time they put it. Doing things like this tends to scare people off rather than properly pace them.

The difficulty of this game does need to be ramped up though. I fully agree here. I kind of wish they didn't scrap the old beta difficulty for this one. (This kind of fell into the "Too safe" issue I was complaining about.) Some players like challenges like this. Just give players the option to choose what difficulties they want.

I love the points you made and it's helping me put the game into a better perspective. Thanks for the response!
since its jp game, pso2 usually being compared.

story wise, pso have massive lore to begin with. However Soulworker just started im not sure how the direction will be. How do they intend to expand the story line. Im pretty sure iit will be deep. Eg.
. Infact i think after 4 town, perhap we will move to another new district which further adds several more towns.

pso2 did have random generated dungeons but it uses spawn base system. in terms of content this game has more of what pso2 did when it first release. hope more promising content in the future. Mobs pretty much idiotic other than elite ones. Pso2 mobs started the same. But as difficulty goes on...mob attacks so frequent to the point you can get stun lock and die. in SW, good thing character have some sort of flinch immunity to basic/simple attacks. (you gotta hate if its 1....only 1 damage and you still flinch...)

it does have some deep combat element in it. however as for now its not fully utillized (well not necessary for now). As for now, DR(damage reduction) seems not useful . Same goes to resistance. you can steam roll final boss of each town with 0 DR or resistance.

however critical %, critical damage, min-max, penetration, shield/armor/evasion/hit failure/proc   reminds me of western style of direction. Hope this expand even further. Perhap in future we will have elemental base effect. (it took pso2 1 years+ to finally consider elemental as something useful. 3years after that ....only critical build was viable for certain class.)

in terms combo, this game does huge step over pso2. SG (soul gauge) recover really fast to allow multiple skill combo (unlike pso2 pp system). Soul break/vapor/limit break (whatever the name is) does not get explanation (or did i miss out)... what i noticed it gives immunity to stun/flinch, less SG consumption? and more damage?. This allow more combo without interuption within 60 secs of its effect.

On top of that, combo can be chain in various ways that have bonuses (i hope they expand more bonuses (right now only tier 3 damage 8% is worth it). While pso2 on limit 3 skill based on weapon equip.

as for difficulty... only last level of each section have VH mode? im pretty sure in the future we will be able to pick different difficulty.
Boss battle seems to be fun as you wont kill it in less 1 minute. Some battle last more than 4minutes. Hope it stays that way....too many mmo end game boss ended up in 10-20 sec...and the boss kiss the floor. Everybody done their stuff and log off...

as for my room, its standard jp style character.. my doll. Well not suprising people do like to customize their character and room. I mean look at pso2...(i think this game has the most costume/room/decoration etc.) And it sells. People top up their webmoney just to buy latest costume/dance ticket/lobby action instead of gearing. Its like when players are bored, people stop by at their/your room and take screen shots, doing activities and post in other forum, threads/face book etc.

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