Mysterious / Spesial Dungeon or ...
well, i found some dungeon that not opened for long time ago, i just thought that its not implemented or something.
yesterday, my friend got inside and its like a special dungeon or something, so when i want to join, the gate still not opened.
we both dont know why he can get in and why i cant.
i already done all of my main / side quest on rocco and candus.
so can somebody explain what is the requirements to get inside ?

I am also trying to figure out how to enter. That's the casual raid, Last Carnival.
Apparently we need to accept a quest order in that town, but I currently am unable to find the NPC for it.

Just to check, did you manage to clear the Main Quest which you need to report to Keinbareru at Grace City after defeating Shion? I cant seem to find him.
Now that you mention it.
I have the same yellow quest that send me to grace city, after there, it goes to some parking space, and nothing there.
Do we really need to talk to all NPC here ?
That I'm not sure. Did your friend do anything special like accepting a quest in Rocco Town after he reached Level 55? Suppose to have a quest when you reached level 55.
Yes, they said that its appear a yellow quest that goes to rocco, after accept it on some NPC, the yellow quest changed to a blue quest, and new dungeon opened.
But i didnt got nothing lol
hmm, did they cleared Keinbareru quest in Grace City? Perhaps its a continuation?
Hmm idk either.
But i just realize that keinbareru both at grace city and ruin fortress is gone
[Image: Kein_zpshrxtdgzc.png]
Managed to sort of "fix" it. I went on to proceed with the quests and I've gotten access to the Last Carnival Gate.
Not sure if it will work for you, but what I did was to uninstall using the SWUninstaller.exe in the Soulwroker folder and install back again via IE launcher.
OMG it works man thanks alot
Well, im not download it back from the start though lol
All i do was backup my SW data, then uninstall my SW via uninstaller, then install again from IE.
After patch run about 1 minute, cancel it then delete anything inside my new SW file, and restore it with my old SW data.

I dont know is there anything changed in my SW file, but what ever lol

thx again.

Btw, can i have your IGN ?
Mine is YusaEstia
No problem.
Wow shortcut method

Sure. My IGN is Aikeva

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