Nano Guild
Opening a guild for players to join and help each other out.

If you wish to join, send in an application at the guild NPC or whisper me in-game(AquaNano/NanoHaru) or on discord(Nano).

One character per person.
Be mature.
Stay active.

Guild Name: Nano
Guild Master: AquaNano
Discord: Nano
Discord Group:

Current Guild Level: 4
Guild Skills:
EXP Increase 1 - EXP Increase: 5%

Guild Warehouse will be available to all members. Filled with equips for members to take if they need it.

Inactivity after 7 days will result in you being kicked. If you need to be inactive for longer than 7 days, contact me in-game or on discord.

I would like join your guild, just started the game about a week ago.

IGN: Aiyu
Discord: Yuuna
LV30 Haru

[Image: g1n3WLE.gif]
Can invite me?
Id: YunChe
Char: Haru lvl 55
Hi i am Level 10 would i be able to join?

IGN: Laice
Discord: yuuki
Level: 10

Gesendet von meinem SM-G925F mit Tapatalk
Can I join, please?

Id: Jena483
Char: Stella lvl 25
I Would like to join the guild.
Discord : Ryuna
Char : Stella lvl 30
: Ryunachin

ps: Currently on 24h cooldown for quiting other guild ( Japanese  )
Please add me to your guild so we can be friends. Tongue
IGN: Rahman
Class: Jin
Level: 40
Discord: Naim
IGN: Izuharu
Level 12 Haru
Discord: Lust.
The only "Miracles" that exist in this world are the ones that you delude yourself to.
Add me pls i'm really bored play along
I want to join guild my IGN Haru:Endwar
                                                 Lily  :babuntaji
IGN : Neshor 
Class : Jin 
Im just starting out so i have no idea what level im at
Discord : Neshor
Who want join guild just PM me i always online time 6 PM GMT

Add me IGN Endwar and babuntaji
Hiya if your guild accepts new players can my Iris get an invite? Ign: Minski currently lvl28
Hi I would like to join as well!  Looking for active people to help/party with.

IGN: Tianna
Discord: Furnut#9646
Characer: Stella
Level 49
Hello~ May I join as well? I really need people to level with ( ;´Д`)
and people to speak english with because I have been struggling to speak with how unconfident I am in my Japanese skills orz
IGN: Yukirin
Discord: Yuna#8447
Character: Stella
Level: 42
[Image: FAbUjTS.jpg]
IGN: Yukirin
I want to join?

IGN: Solacia
Discord: Solacia
Character: Haru

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