Nebula cards production
can you craft nebula type cards? i have all the materials the production button seems to grey out. i tried with various cards but it doesnt work.
eng translation goes:
it can be used as produced material only in the....

im asuming nebula havent been implemented yet? its a future content?
need 10 star cards to make 1 nebula

i assume need 10 nebula to make 1 galaxy? but i only have 2 nebula atm

once you have 10 stack of star cards the option will become available

always check store first though and make sure it wouldnt be cheaper to just buy 1 nebula vs selling 10 stars
sry what i meant was can i upgrade my
cynthia (star card version)  to cynthia nebula card (version)
6% hp-->11% hp...

i already have nebula card (infact already 7 of them)
and  a cynthia card but i cannot upgrade that cynthia card to nebula cynthia.
Same goes to other cards...
If you mean upgrading an A.R. card to the next tier you must have it with max exp to be able to upgrade it
i see max exp. Does it work with the one i got from rewards or was it compensation? coz i got several cards  writtin max on its exp but i cannot upgrade it to the next tier...

maybe ill try to max exp for my own created card.

update: yea manage to upgrade to nebula cynthia (require max exp). I noticed healing still same value....maybe more healing ticks? need 3 more nebula for galaxy cynthia...
Is it possible to upgrade the card after it has been equipped? And if so, how?
(07-12-2017, 03:30 AM)Coolsparks Wrote: Is it possible to upgrade the card after it has been equipped? And if so, how?

Nvm found it.

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