Nep PSA Don't be this type of player
So you guys all know, Soulworker Online is a Japanese game hosted by Hangame. Hangame has a reputation for banning foreigners on their other games, "foreigners" here means people who run around town and start speaking English all over the place and annoy other Japanese players. If you want to speak English that bad, please be friendly/polite to other players.

For Example this Guy:

So then what happen if you are 1 of these player.

Well here is what will happen:
1st: You will get a ban from the forum and Discord server
2nd: I will personally publicly defame u (because i can & i want to)
3rd: You are also ban from all events/giveaway from the forum that sponsor/host by me or Casey
4th: There also might be a chance you will not receive any future english patch from this forum

TLDR: Please be friendly to other Japanese players, and please don't put foreign players in a bad light.

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