Nep Share your Skill Build
Warning: Everyone have their own way of spending SP, and everyone have their own opinion about each skills. So don't start a fight between which skill better, this is just a sharing thread.

Have fun, name your own playstyle or skill build. You can give a grief short desciption of your build too if you so desire

Lily lv44. Playstyle: group mobs and fk everything up.

I still haven't figured out my skill build since I'm trying not to waste skill resets, but I think it might not be worth putting points into the LMB passive and just rely on charged Scythe Cutter as a launch. But I still have a lot of things to figure out since I'm still lv27.
Pretty much the same here @CosmicCricket

I got a lvl 25 Lily and just spent a few SP so far (mainly on the high aoe based dmg skills)

Looking for more replys in this thread!  Smile

Just few thoughts on my build. ( currently lvl 36 Lily )

1st rotation: Basically it's pretty simple, starting with Evil splash to gather infront mobs into Death Tornado. (If) Remaining mobs with Sais cutter hit em up and do some air combos to finish off.

2nd rotation: Spinning Devil into group of mobs followed by Desusaisu -> it's just quick DPS. (If) Remaining mobs pulling back with Death grinder -> into 1st rotation skills.

3rd rotation: Heavy DPS + SA breaker output oriented. Just the bit long animations make it kinda lazy to use. Just were useful for Steel Grave so far.

4th rotation: That's the most i'm using. Again heavy DPS + (more) SA breaker oriented. Especially for bosses.

5th roation: Being fan of the self crit buff, so must have for me.

For myself i have a good balance between killing larger groups of mobs and having decent DPS at bosses.
NO  Angry Angry XD i will not share anyway if u are using lilly just use the last skills forget about the first ones and yeah basicaly its group and mobs and.................

and suddenly its lily skill build post lol

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