Nep VPN Solution for JP server (Paid VPN)
Astrill VPN:
  • Fast, with lower ping compare to some other big VPN provider such as PiA.
  • Reliable connection without random disconnections while gaming.
  • Provide a large amount of VPN servers around the world, details about the servers list click here
  • Affordable price for almost all the server, pricing details please click here
Tests: (conducted by BenNguyen)

Why should you choose astrill
  • Astrill is a business graded VPN with affordable consumer prices.
  • No random disconnections from VPN server.
  • Support all windows (including Window 10), also you can use astrill on your phone simultaneously with your PC and still have access all the servers Astrill offers.
  • From my personal experience with Astrill VPN, I gotta say it is supper sweet. I used Private Internet Access for a long time now almost 2 years, back then they did a decent job, until all the DNS leaks and VPN servers' IP got ban from some game publisher i gave up and move to astrill. With astrill not just their client software is user friendly, their customer support is also very fast on reply, avg wait time of 1~5mins and usually all problems got solved immediately. Not just that Astrill also offer a very good amount of server around the world too, come handy for me sometimes.

For pricing and register details click here.

P/S:If you have any questions, PM me in Discord server @Plutia

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