New Character Jin Seipatsu (Spirit Arms) Official Announcement & Release Date
Hello Everyone,

LG/Hangame has announced that Jin Saipatsu has a confirmed release date of 7/6 JP. Jin's class is refered to as Spirit Arms.

Official Art:
[Image: R2HUUT8.jpg]

Old Prerelease Videos: Hammer Stol & Spirit Arms Beta Videos
Source: Hangame
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One of my friends is literally the biggest Jin fan, and he's like screaming up and down right now XD

Let's hope his play rate is higher than our other male character hue
CV: Tomoaki Maeno
When you look Jin's character profile and you see that he's 17.


No wonder the world got destroyed, you have people like Erwin being the oldest
Anyone have jin's skill tree guide?


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