Official How to Obtain an Account to play Soul Worker KR
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This guide is a offial way to play Soul Worker KR. (Minimum $10 is required to obtain an account.)

Official Links:
Soul Worker KR Page

Buy Soul Worker KR Account:

1. Visit OBTGame website and register an account. Click here to visit OBTGame.
2. After making an account, visit the Soul Worker page. Click here to visit Soul Worker Page.

Two Options for Buying an account

3a. Random Account (RECOMMENDED)

On the Soul Worker Page, select Random Account under Account Type
  • Random Account cost $10.00.
  • Purchase the account via Paypal or Bitcoin.
  • Account Information will be random and be available in your OBTGame account or Email.

3b. OBTGame Activation Service (Good for using a Personal Email.)

On the Soul Worker, select Verify your Existing Soul Worker KR account under Account Type.  
  • OnStove Accounts can be made by clicking here. OnStove Registration (USE A TEMPORARY PASSWORD)
  • Provide OBTGame with your Login Credentials for OnStove within the Textbox.
  • Stove ID accounts can be made and OBTGame can activate the account for a $3.00 Purchase. Total Price: $13.00
  • Purchase the account via Paypal or Bitcoin.
  • Email confirmation will be sent whenever account is verified.

4. Login to the Official Soul Worker Website
5. Download the Client. Soul Worker KR Download
Do NOT PM me for game related questions! Use Discord Chat or Forums for Support.
Few months ago it became possible to play the game without having a verified account, you will however, not be able to buy cash currency unless your account is verified, in which case you would have to follow the instructions above.

But if you only intend to play and not spend real money on the game, you could do so by using the google + login feature on the main website :

Login here [Image: jR1meRd.png] with your existing gmail account and then press game start.

Soul Worker Information
Stamina Reset: 10 AM JST
» Other Timezones: 6PM PDT | 9PM EDT

Major Updates
» Character Rebalance
» Cultivation System
» Golden Citadel

Latest Patch Notes
» Patch Notes 6/15

Latest Trailer
» Animation Short 5

Latest Events
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