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SWHQ English Translation Team
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Miyu: Developer

Welcome to the Soulworker English Patch Discussion thread!

For the Soulworker English Patcher, please click on this link.
Note: The English Patch is no longer related with SWHQ.

The patch as of right now is developed and maintained by Miyu. SWHQ is currently hosting the patch, but keep in mind that HQ and the Patch is no longer related.

Video tutorial on how to install and use the patch:

This discussion thread is only for discussing the SWHQ English patch.
Here, we will post updates(progress) on the English patch.

For futher technical support regarding the patch that is not mentioned within the link, please go to #help-support.
All typos and feedback on the English Patch should go to #hq-trans-project in our Discord server.


Fully & Mostly Translated: Achievements, Booster, Shop, Buff, Tooltip, NPC, Skill, UI
Partially & Minimally Translated: Items, Quests, Monsters, Titles
Not translated: Dialogues
The Soul Worker English Patch Translation is discontinued.
This doesn't mean that you can't use the patcher anymore; the patcher is very well functional until Miyu, the developer, decides to cut support for it. It means that it will no longer receive any new translation updates.

After much consideration, I've decided to discontinue the English Project.
There are many situations that come into play, but it is mostly because that even though I've had a lot of translators that apply, I've never been able to facilitate any translate going because I wanted this to be a no-quota volunteer translation. Also, most of the translators had lost interest for the game itself.

Most of you who were with us from the beginning know that our translation has literally been at the same spot for the last year or so.

It is mostly my fault for not being able to engage and facilitate translation underway. However, it is what it is.

The English Patch will still be very functional. It really wasn't fair or convenient to throw away all the translation that's completed in the first place, and therefore it will still be available for use for all the newcomers and current players of the game. However, by discontinuing the project, it will receive no new translators. Few of the current translators want to translate very occasionally as an odd job, but I doubt that will progress much in the English Patch itself.

Please use #tech-support on Soulworker HQ Discord channel, or contact Miyu with his Discord tag listed in the English Patcher website above for technical difficulties. If you really want more details on the closure of the English Patch, you can contact me @Kanra #4697.

It was a long ride. I may be leaving, but I hope the rest of you still have fun with saving the world from the Void in Cloudream.


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