Official Soul Worker HQ Guild 3 (SWFC) [Full] inactive
Welcome to Soul Worker HQ (Guild Master: Aquastony)

  1. No begging.
  2. Do not be rude.
  3. No random questions. If you need help, go to #help-support on the official Discord chat.
  4. No arguments, take it to PMs.
  5. Do not speak English in public or mega.
  6. Only 1 character per person.
  7. You must be Level 20.
  8. You must be available and have a registered account on Discord.
How to apply: Current Members:
  • ?/20
Application: (make sure to apply at the guild NPC after you submit the form, other wise it will be denied)
Do NOT PM me for game related questions! Use Discord Chat or Forums for Support.
Welp i hope i can get in this time lol. 
Anyway have fun playing~
Me too, I just applied
Make sure you apply in game also. How does one accept if you didint apply in game? o3o
Applied. Thank you.
I'll be applying~
Applied :o
We are already almost halfway filled into SWFC guild.
Applied ^_^
I also applied (OwO)/
Applied Big Grin
Guild is now completly full 20/20.  Applications won't be accepted as of now until someone takes the leave from guild.
@Aquastony  I would like to join whenever  a space will be free.
I did apply. Would be kind if I could join  Smile

applied i will apply ingame now lvl 36 lily (i think) last time i played was at obt maybe
Applied would be really kind if someone could accept it if possible Smile
appied i hope it wl be my turn  Rolleyes
just now Applied yea lets roll Big Grin
2 spots are open but someone applied but didn't even do the fourms (FeelsBadMan) . Also please use have your discord account registered and apply with a pic so I don't have to deal with duplicates.
bro i applied at both same name check it out Smile

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