Official Soul Worker HQ Guild (SWHQ)
Welcome to Soul Worker HQ (Guild Master: IrisPlutia, Guild Name: SWHQ)

  1. No begging.
  2. Do not be rude.
  3. No random questions. If you need help, go to #help-support on the official Discord chat.
  4. No arguments, take it to PMs.
  5. Do not speak English in public or mega.
  6. Only 1 character per person.
  7. Members that offline for 15+ days without a notice to guild master will be kicked (just PM me on Discord and i will listen)
  8. You must be available and have a registered account on Discord.
How to apply: Current Members:
  • 6/25
Application: (make sure to apply at the guild NPC right after you submit the form, other wise it will be denied)
Hopefully I can get in, been waiting for god knows how long for this game like most of us, so it'd be dope to have some people to chat and run stuff with,yo.
[Image: 4f4d9a4875433e28318c985d3145398d.png]
Where to find guild submission in-game??
Applied in-game but still got no response so I'm applying here. Yes I Nep-Nep hard.
Didn't realize you had to fill out the little thingy here first. I reapplied ig
Hi . What level can you join to guild btw ? is it 20 ?
Hello i just started and i need senpai to guide me hahaah IGN: Minamori
3 slots are open for people at level 20 or higher
I just withdrew from Exiled, so there's the 24 hour penalty. Pls dun ignore.
Same here, i have 24h CD until i can apply again ...
Just leave old guild, CD 24h. Will apply after CD end. Lv 37 Haru.
Forgot to send it in before, but just put in my application. Zombs, level 26 Lily.
Sorry the guild is full at the moment. I will notify when there is available space.
Do NOT PM me for game related questions! Use Discord Chat or Forums for Support.
4 slots Open
1 slot left, if you adready apply the last 2 days reapply in game i didnt check the invites

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