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Open CBT Feedback and Review
What do you think in the beta overall?
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I would call this a Bug Beta instead of a Closed Beta
The game play is good, the intro song is awesome, the monster design is meh ok, the character design is not bad, the game mechanics are decent. But one main problem is the exp system and all the bugs that happens to many people. Some can't even run the dam game. Point is there is a lot to improve, i like the game but it just make me cringe from all the problems that it comes with.
More crashes than 9/11.
Nailed the names. Worth.
I got dank names, a dank house, and dank gear 10/10 but the constant d/cing from my net was extremely irritating and also the bugs kindve came out of nowhere lol otherwise prtty gud beta.
It was pretty decent overall. Some designs could have been reworked, like enemy designs. Bugs fucked a lot of shit up. Atmosphere was pretty bland, but gameplay was fun.

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