Patch Notes & Events 7/26 (Credits to Amanie)
◆ ◆ 「Glutton Package」 on sale! ◆ ◆

July 26 ~ August 23 (Wed), before maintenance

8 Types of 「Glutton Packages」 will be sold in the Item Mall. The packages may contain Glutton World Admission Ticket item 「Glutton’s Golden Orb」, and items such as AR Card Cubes and BSK Brooch Cubes.

Furthermore, the 「Angel Glutton Package I」 will also be sold which contains a 「★5 Glutton」!
[Image: Glutton_Package.png]
・ The difference between the 「Glutton’s Golden Orb」 obtained in the Glutton Packages and those crafted in-game:
The 「Glutton’s Golden Orb」 crafted in-game will be collected after the event (after maintenance on August 23), whereas those obtained in the Glutton Packages will not.

Therefore, even after the end of the event, you may still access the Glutton World by using the 「Glutton’s Golden Orb」 obtained in the Glutton Packages.

・ The 「Glutton’s Golden Orb」 obtained in the Glutton Packages is stored in the Inventory’s Extra Tab, upon opening the Glutton Package.


◆ ◆ Glutton World Event ◆ ◆

July 26 ~ August 23 (Wed), before maintenance

【Event Mechanics】
・ During the even period, you will be able to craft the event item 「Glutton’s Golden Orb」 via NPC Zenith.
・ Upon crafting the 「Glutton’s Golden Orb」, clicking on the item will transfer you to the event-exclusive map 「Glutton World」. There are three difficulty levels in the 「Glutton World」, with the increase in drop rate of rare items proportional to the difficulty level.

[Image: Glutton_World_1.png]
“The 「Glutton’s Orb Fragments」 may drop from the 「Angel Glutton」 that appears in mazes.
「Super Strong Adhesive」 is being sold by NPC Yomi.”

[Image: Glutton_World_2.png]
“When defeating Gluttons, items may drop by chance.
Furthermore, when you defeat the shiny 「Angel Glutton」, valuable items will drop from it.”

[Image: Glutton_World_3.png]
“The 「Glutton Army」 will interfere with the Soulworkers in the 「Glutton World」.
Moreover! They are unbeatable and will cause stun whenever you are attacked. Be careful.”

【Event Rewards】
・ S Coins may drop whenever you defeat Gluttons, with the exception of the 「Glutton Army」.
・ When defeating the 「Angel Glutton」 in the Glutton Word, the following items may drop:

「Glutton AR Card Cube」
[Image: Glutton_World_4.PNG]
「[EV] School Swimsuit Set」
[Image: Glutton_World_5.png]
「Glutton “My Room” Furniture Box」
[Image: Glutton_World_6.jpg]
「Avatar Blueprint Cube」
・Upon opening, randomly get 1 avatar blueprint among avatar blueprints already implemented in the game.

※「Glutton World」 has a time limit of 3 minutes. The character will be automatically transferred back to town after the time limit.
※ The 「Glutton’s Golden Orb」 crafted via NPC Zenith will be collected after the event.
※ Items will not drop if the level difference against the Glutton is more than 25 levels.
※ A maximum of 3,000 S Coins may be obtained per day to prevent cheating.
※ The event-only 「School Swimsuit」 will be automatically bound upon acquisition.


◆ ◆ AR Burning Festival ◆ ◆

【Period】 July 26 ~ August 2 (Wed) (1 week)

Appearance rate of ★5 (or higher-ranked) cards from 「AR Card Cubes」 is doubled!

※ Other than the normal 「AR Card Cubes」, there is no change in the appearance rate of ★5 (or higher-ranked) cards from other kinds of AR Card Cubes.


◆ ◆ Summer Screenshot Contest ◆ ◆

July 26 ~ August 22 23:59 JST (Wed) (4 weeks)

【How to Participate】
・Post a game screenshot under the theme of “summer” with the title “【2017夏】” and its description on the official members’ site fan art bulletin board.
Ex: 【2017夏】〇〇✕✕
・After the event period, the management team will review them and announce the winners.

Fan art bulletin board link:

[Image: SSC.png]
※ Posts without the required title and a description will not be eligible for the reward.
※ The UI can be hidden by pressing the “Scroll Lock” key. Please use it when you want to hide the character name, etc.
※ The same character cannot receive rewards twice.
※ Posting another screenshot via another character in the same account will still be rewarded to.
※ Rewards will be sent via account mail.

Do NOT PM me for game related questions! Use Discord Chat or Forums for Support.

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