Patcher not working
This is.. the 20th or more time it is going to be asked.

The patcher doesn't work. Plain and simple. This would be a non-issue if you could manually set the path of the installed game, but that's greyed out. Maybe someone could post from the community with a status on that since the discord is out of reach for most of the posters here due to the link being suspended.

At least say /something/.
Just because one feature isn't working properly doesn't necessarily mean that it is permanent. The find path option of the patcher became like that due to the changes made in the registry values after the service transfer.

Mind you, it was working before the service transfer; you can manually set the path where the game is installed, that setting isn't just for show.

We are just a volunteer group that, at best, can only do post-fixes. We need time to implement and record fixes for future references.

NOTE: This is a copy-paste message from the other threads regarding game launcher and patcher problems some players have experienced after the service transfer


Please bear with us while the contributors are still fixing stuffs due to the problems that arise after the service transfer. Especially on the english patcher since only one person, Miyu, mainly works on it.

To be able to use the english patcher, there're currently temporary band-aid solutions presented below while Miyu updates the patcher to reflect permanent fixes:

Note: I'm not sure if this will also "fix" the game launcher problems some players have been experiencing due to problems in their existing Hangame game files, but you may as well try it just in case. . .
  1. Follow the steps done in this youtube guide:
  2. (This is not recommended for those who are familiar with editing registry values. . . Making incorrect edits may cause harm to your PC) 
    • If you already installed the game before service was transferred from Hangame to WeMade Online:
      • Value: Folder
      • Data: <folder path of Soulworker>, e.g. C:\HanPurple\soulworker
    • If you downloaded (or re-downloaded) the game via WeMade:
      • Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\WeMade Online\Soulworker
      • Value: InstallPath
      • Data: <folder path of Soulworker>, e.g. D:\soulworker

Please note that the direct login support from the english patcher is currently unavailable for the JP service (for the time being, as Miyu stated).

Hope this helps.

Also. . . Discord invite link is temporarily disabled due to a recent case of spammers. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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