RedVeil (Guild recruit)
Heya all newbies, veterans who do not have any guild feel free to join in here! (slots are many as i had to do major reforming.. AKA removed inactived)
Requirements are simple

1. Be active (7 days of inactivity shall be removed)
2. Be nice (well.. not too rowdy)


Guild Name : RedVeil
Level : 6
Guild Master : ZenoRain

Guild Skills : Favourability Increase level 2, Market Sale Fee Discount level 1, 10% EXP BOOST

Guild storage worth 2 pages are available for everyone to use upon joining (plenty of stuffs in there which is almost full soon)

Feel free to apply in, post your IGN in here, PM or even mail me (IGN aboved in RED)
[Image: IFZliXH.gif]
==Coming Soon in 19th October 2017==
My one and only Waifu  Heart Heart Heart

ZenoRain - level 55 (Haru)

This thread is not dead and still recruiting!!!
Hey there, I'm looking for an english guild. Fairly new to game but will stick around until I get to experience end game at the very least.

IGN: HippieCasual (Lily)
Hi , im a new player IGN: soluna i would like to join ur english guild

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