[Request] Stella skill & passive recommendations
Hey guys, 

Just recently started SWO and need some advice on skill point allocations. I'm not looking for a min-maxed meta build yet since i'm still new but any advice on a general leveling build? 

Also exactly how much SP do we get with the current level cap and is it possible to max out all the passives and still have enough points for skills?
[Image: ST1_zpss7vuaub3.png][Image: ST2_zpsmqathkev.png][Image: ST3_zps6fp5vgba.png]
Current Level Cap: 55
Total SP: 140

Skill Build Explainations:
Phantom Release - Max it, with upgrade. It's Stella's small surround AOE bread and butter. At max level 5, it deals 398% damage and 214% SA Destruction per hit. With the skill upgrade Lv 1 max, it deals a total of 6 hits. Make sure you are close enough to the enemy/enemies to deal all 6 hits. 10s Cooldown.

Hysterical Shock - Max it, with upgrade. It's Stella's Frontal AOE bread and butter. At max Level 5, it deals 394% damage and 609% SA Destruction per hit. With the skill upgrade Lv2 max, it deals additional 197% damage and 305% SA Destruction. Useful for taking down a crowd of mobs in front of Stella, especially when you combo it with Black Mohrus. 15s Cooldown.

Black Mohrus - Max it. Upgrade based on your own preferences. Stella's frontal AOE CC / SA Destruction skill. Use left click to suck enemies in 1 spot, and then right click to paralyze normal mobs (SA Damage for those that has Super Armor) and combo it with Hysterical Shock, followed by Twist pull. At max level, the right click SA Destruction is 777%, per hit. Use this skill to quickly break enemies' SA.
EDIT: If you do upgrade this skill, it can be pretty useful when you gather mobs together. With the left click to suck the enemies in one spot, and right click to deal damage while making them unable to move due to paralysis, you can deal quite a number of damage while waiting for your other skill CD and SP to recover safely. Do note that bosses are not affected by the paralysis, so they may get out of your Black Mohrus radius. It's good for breaking down their super armour though. 

Twist Pull - Max it, with upgrade. At max level, deals 927% damage and 1041% SA Destruction total (if all hits get in). With max upgrade, it gives additional 1205% damage and 1353% SA Destruction. Use it after you gather the mobs with Black Mohrus and/or Hysterical Shock so that you can get in all the hits. It can also be used as standalone on bosses with SA when they are standing still / using skill in fixed position. Just make sure they are not invulnerable. Some bosses are when they use certain skill in fixed position.

Beads Play - Max it. Do not upgrade it. Use it as a single target skill for maximize damage on 1 enemy. At max Level 5, just simply charge up until it reaches 3 bar (don't have to fully fill up the 3rd bar. as long as you see the number 3 you can release it for maximum number of orbs released) and release them. Release them right in front of huge hitbox enemies / bosses to get all hits in. Release them in about 6 feets away from small hitbox enemies to get all hit in. In support mode, you can heal 25% of your health for each orb you pick up, maximum 5 orbs at max charge. Very useful. Do not upgrade it. Attack mode upgrade will make the ball NON-HOMING and will shoot out in constant direction, paralyzing enemies, but in return, lose out on damage potential as this orbs are persistent and will only disappear after a certain range/time. It will not be a good single target skill. For support mode, the additional heal recovery is not needed as you have another skill, Best Tempo, which heals a total of 80% of your(and allies) HP at max level. You also have 1 other self healing skill and another 1 ally healing skill.

Trouble Path - Similar to Beads Play, max it for the single target damage. Be sure to use it right in front of enemies, as it is easy for this skill to sway and fade out as its range is limited. Upgrade Attack mode is optional, but it adds additional range, damage, and SA destruction per orb. Support Mode heals ONLY your ally for 5% of their HP. 6 orbs, totalling 30%. Support mode upgrade not really needed as you have 2 other skills which can heal much better than the scaling of additional HP recov it gives.

Best Tempo - Max it. Best Heal in Stella's Arsenal. At max level, over 2 pulses, recovers 80% of each individuals total HP. (40% per pulse) Your allies will be thanking you for this awesome heal. I usually use it after defeating a wave of enemies and gather in 1 spot.

Beast Parade - I hardly find myself using this skill, but its a good skill to push and gather enemies to the edge of the skill. (Does not push SA enemies) 3 ticks of damage overall. The damage displayed in skill description is the TOTAL damage dealt. You will need to get all 3 ticks in to maximize its potential. I just add 1 to this skill for the CC.

Beast Party - Similar function as Beast Parade, but air skill. For this skill, I max it as it provides more and decent damage / SA destruction than Beast Parade. It's up to your own preference tho. Same as Beast Parade, 3 ticks.

Soul Scream - Up to preferences, but I max it. During its 1s animation, it provides INVULNERABILITY, making it a useful skill to escape heavy hitting skills from enemies if you can time it. After animation, it gives a 10s buff which paralyzes a nearby enemy 1second at a time (only 1 enemy at a time, at random I think). Paralysis has no effect on end-maze bosses. Max it if you want to learn this skill, it reduces the SG cost and cooldown by half.

Decade Pulse -  1 level should be good enough. This skill might sometime bug, so I can't really say much for this. but in Support Mode, its useful for its self healing skill. at level 1, 17% of damage dealt over time as you hold your left click.

Bass Attack - So-called Ultimate Skill. In my opinion, this skill is terrible compared to other character's Ultimate. I tried it at level one, and it deals terrible damage, about only 1/4 HP of the normal mobs @ 4th town instances. It does provide invulnerabilty while you are using this skill though. 
EDIT: However, at level 5, it can deal about 1 bar damage, IF you can get all hits in. Gather up mobs first, and go into the centre to use your skill. When you hit them, they will get knockback depending on which click you use. Just alternate between to hit them. Bosses might get out of this skill as they are not affected by knockback if they have super armour (Some still won't be affected even without super armor). Since this skill needs time to fully deal all the damage, you might lose out on damage potential. 

Bass Attack - Ultimate Skill. Deals 646% damage and 604% SA Destruction for each hit(click) at max level and allows you to click up to 7-8 times. Use this right in front of a crowd of mobs or boss. It will spawn 4 speakers in front of you, and push back enemies from whichever speakers you use. (Left click for left speakers and vice versa). Alternate between 2 clicks for enemies w/o SA as the speakers have limited range. Use Black Mohrus to gather the mobs in the centre and follow-up with this skill.

Basic Attack Mastery - Max it, for obvious reasons.

Special Attack Mastery - Max it. This skill is for swapping in between Attack and Support Mode. At level 1, 5% SG is healed when swapping. Level 2 recovers 10%. Level 3 recovers 15%. Useful for Stella, since you would be pretty much throwing your skills at enemies often.

Rotation Wake Up - Up to preferences. At least Level 1.

Dash - Preferences.

Wake Up Attack - At max level, provides 3s of invulnerabilty after animation. Pretty useful.

Special Avoidance - 1 Level will do.

Special Dash Attack - Unnecessary. Up to preferences. Left click dash attack is better.

Stamina Mastery - Up to preferences. Most of Stella's skill requires time to dish out damage. Stamina would be healing while she does so. I prefer to max it as I can dodge even more.

Sound Wave - Max it. 20% increase in max SG is useful.

This is my own personal opinions and skill build. It's not the generic meta type, and I'm also not sure what build is. No Hate.  Big Grin
Holy cow so much good info, thank you for taking the time to do this.

By any chance you can also explain the difference between the Attack and support mode and i notice this "SG recovery" text appearing whenever i switch between modes, what does it mean?
Happy to help.

Attack Mode and Support mode only affects the following skills:
- Trouble Path
- Beads Play
- Decade Pulse
- Best Tempo

In Attack Mode, Trouble path, Decade Pulse and Beads Play will deal damage instead.
Best Tempo will instead be a lifesteal buff.

In Support Mode, all 4 of these skills will be a healing skill.
Whenever you alternate between this mode, you will recover 5%/10%/15% of your max SG depending on your Special Attack mastery level. This is really useful for recovering easy SG to continue spamming your skills. 
I usually will use it after every 2 skills if I am in a suitable situation during battles.
That was very informative and insightful info. I appreciate your time in writing that skill analysis. It's so helpful for new players like me, I was completely lost on which skills I should get or not. Of course later on I'll try to test out everything and find out myself what's best for me, but for the time being this will be my guideline. You have my gratitude.
Hm, what do you put in for the step 2 and 3 things? What do you suggest I put?

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