・ 「Iris Yuma」 Class Advancement Implementation
     ・ Notice
               - Rarity Change of some Accessories
               - Name Change of the Soulweapon 「Unnamed」
               - Grade Change of Iris’ 「Everlasting Summer Beach Avatar」
     ・ Updated Content
               - Adjustments in 「Lily Bloomerchen」’s Skills
               - Image Change of the Server Selection Screen
               - Addition of Display Sub-weapon Setting
               - Change in the Opening Specification of Package Items
               - Addition of Iris’ Modern Casual Avatar Blueprints
               - Content Guide Update
               - Development and Management Communication Update
     ・ In-game Bug Information
     ・ Item Mall Update
     ・ New Events
               - Burning Event
               - Casual Raid Event
     ・ Ongoing Events
               - Equipment Enhancement Event
               - Midsummer New & Comeback Support Campaign
               - GAMEcom WebMoney Summer Campaign
     ・ Ended Events
               - Merchant Union’s Love Healing Event
               - Soulworker Crossover Event
     ・ Item Distribution
               - Midsummer New & Comeback Support Campaign – 1st Week
               - Altar of Void Challenge Event

     [Image: 1-1_Banner_Iris_Yuma_Class_Advancement.jpg]

          The class advancement of 「Iris Yuma」 was implemented.
          Please see “August 16 Update Information” thread for more details.
     SWHQ Ref: http://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-SW-JP...ATCH-NOTES
     JP Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/event/08_update/
◆ ◆ NOTICE ◆ ◆
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/update/71
     ▼ Rarity Change of some Accessories
          The grade of some accessories were changed.
          When disassembling using the 「Batch Select Function for Equipment Disassembly based on Grade」 which was added on the June 14 (Thursday) regular maintenance, there was an increase of accidental disassembly of accessories classified as rare-grade.
          For that reason, the grade of some accessories were changed during the maintenance. Please check the following accessory items that were changed below.
          Furthermore, due to these changes, in regards to the users that have corresponded to us for the restoration of the following applicable items or have contacted us about the restoration from June 14 (Thursday) until the August 23 (Thursday) regular maintenance, although the restoration is originally for 1 item only, multiple items will be restored but only for the following applicable items.
          With that, for the users that wish to restore additional items, we apologize for the trouble but, please contact us again through 「Inquiries (お問い合わせ)」 with the intent of requesting for restoration.
                    Before Change ⇒ Rare (レア)
                    After Change ⇒ Unique (ユニーク)
          Changed Items
               ■ List of Grade-changed Accessories [Lv 01 ~ Lv 30]
                    ・ Soul of Delight Earrings (ソウルオブディライトイアリング)
                    ・ Soul of Sadness Pendant (ソウルオブセドニスペンダント)
                    ・ Soul of Fury Ring (ソウルオブフューリーイアリング)
                    ・ Soul of Passion Ring (ソウルオブパッションリング)
                         ※ JP text error, used セドニス for the word “Sadness”
                    ・ Noblesse Relic Earrings (ノブレスレリックイヤリング)
                    ・ Noblesse Relic Pendant (ノブレスレリックペンダント)
                    ・ Noblesse Relic Ring (ノブレスレリックリング)
                    ・ Secret Device Earrings (シークレットデバイスイヤリング)
                    ・ Secret Device Pendant (シークレットデバイスペンダント)
                    ・ Secret Device Ring (シークレットデバイスリング)
                    ・ Grief Tear Earrings (グリーフティアイヤリング)
                    ・ Grief Tear Pendant (グリーフティアペンダント)
                    ・ Grief Tear Ring (グリーフティアリング)
                    ・ Grief Tear Red Ring (グリーフティアレッドリング)
                    ・ Bleeding Hearts Earrings (ブリーディングハーツイヤリング)
                    ・ Bleeding Hearts Pendant (ブリーディングハーツペンダント)
                    ・ Bleeding Hearts Ring (ブリーディングハーツリング)
                    ・ NED Trigon Earrings (ネッドトライゴンイヤリング)
                    ・ NED Trigon Pendant (ネッドトライゴンペンダント)
                    ・ NED Trigon Ring (ネッドトライゴンリング)
               ■ List of Grade-changed Accessories [Lv 31 ~ Lv 50]
                    ・ Garuda Tooth Earrings (カルラトゥースイヤリング)
                    ・ Garuda Tooth Pendant (カルラトゥースペンダント)
                    ・ Garuda Tooth Ring (カルラトゥースリング)
                    ・ Hollow Gem Earrings (ハロウジェムイヤリング)
                    ・ Hollow Gem Pendant (ハロウジェムペンダント)
                    ・ Hollow Gem Ring (ハロウジェムリング)
                    ・ Blade Piece Earrings (ブレードピースイヤリング)
                    ・ Blade Piece Pendant (ブレードピースペンダント)
                    ・ Blade Piece Ring (ブレードピースリング)
                    ・ Betrayer’s Earrings (ビットレイアスイヤリング)
                    ・ Betrayer’s Pendant (ビットレイアスペンダント)
                    ・ Betrayer’s Ring (ビットレイアスリング)
                    ・ Betrayer’s Wave Ring (ビットレイアスウェーブリング)
                    ・ Lucy’s Bounty Earrings (ルシスバウンティイヤリング)
                    ・ Lucy’s Bounty Pendant (ルシスバウンティペンダント)
                    ・ Lucy’s Bounty Ring (ルシスバウンティリング)
                    ・ Ark Tear Earrings (アークティアイヤリング)
                    ・ Ark Tear Pendant (アークティアペンダント)
                    ・ Ark Tear Ring (アークティアリング)
                    ・ Slur’s Eye Earrings (スラーズアイイヤリング)
                    ・ Slur’s Eye Pendant (スラーズアイペンダント)
                    ・ Slur’s Eye Ring (スラーズアイリング)
                    ・ Brave Core Earrings (ブレイブコアイヤリング)
                    ・ Brave Core Pendant (ブレイブコアペンダント)
                    ・ Brave Core Ring (ブレイブコアリング)
               ■ List of Grade-changed Accessories [Lv 51 ~ Lv 60]
                    ・ Hologram Sphere Earrings (ホログラムスフィアイヤリング)
                    ・ Hologram Sphere Pendant (ホログラムスフィアペンダント)
                    ・ Hologram Sphere Ring (ホログラムスフィアリング)
                    ・ Ascension Buckle Earrings (アセンションバックルイヤリング)
                    ・ Ascension Buckle Pendant (アセンションバックルペンダント)
                    ・ Ascension Buckle Ring (アセンションバックルリング)
                    ・ Glare’s Shard Earrings (クレアスシャードイヤリング)
                    ・ Glare’s Shard Pendant (クレアスシャードペンダント)
                    ・ Glare’s Shard Ring (クレアスシャードリング)
                    ・ Glare’s Shard Energy Ring (クレアスシャードエナジーリング)
                         ※ Yes, you guys can stop calling it Creature’s accessories now.
                    ・ [EV] Glare’s Shard Earrings ([EV]クレアスシャードイヤリング)
                    ・ [EV] Glare’s Shard Pendant ([EV]クレアスシャードペンダント)
                    ・ [EV] Glare’s Shard Ring ([EV]クレアスシャードリング)
                    ・ [EV] Glare’s Shard Energy Ring ([EV]クレアスシャードエナジーリング)
                    ・ Veshiful Earrings (ヴェシブルイヤリング)
                    ・ Veshiful Pendant (ヴェシブルペンダント)
                    ・ Veshiful Ring (ヴェシブルリング)
                         ※ Ugh, just don’t ask; even I am not sure if the correct translation is Veshi, Vessi, etc. In terms of lore, it is “an equipment full of Veshi energy”. If you guys have a better translation for this, please do ping me on Discord. Thank you.
                    ・ Spiritual Earrings (スピリチュアルイヤリング)
                    ・ Spiritual Pendant (スピリチュアルペンダント)
                    ・ Spiritual Ring (スピリチュアルリング)
     ▼ Name Change of the Soulweapon 「Unnamed」
          The name of the Soulweapon 「Unnamed」 was changed.
                    Before Change ⇒ Unnamed (アンネームド)
                    After Change ⇒ Will of Vanguard (ウィルオブバンガード)
     ▼ Grade Change of Iris’ 「Everlasting Summer Beach Avatar」
          The grade of Iris’ 「Everlasting Summer Beach Avatar」 was changed.
                    Before Change ⇒ Premium (プレミアム)
                    After Change ⇒ Premium SR (プレミアムSR)
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/update/71
     ▼ Adjustments in 「Lily Bloomerchen」’s Skills
          Some skills of 「Lily Bloomerchen」 were adjusted.
               ■ Evil Trinity
                    ・ Damage increased.
                    ・ Tooltip corrected.
               ■ Death Guillotine
                    ・ Damage increased.
               ■ Fury Scythe
                    ・ Damage increased.
                    ・ Tooltip corrected.
     ▼ Image Change of the Server Selection Screen
          In celebration of 「Iris Yuma」’s Class Advancement, the Server Selection Screen was changed for a limited-time.
     ▼ Addition of Display Sub-weapon Setting
          The 「Display Sub-weapon Setting」 was added to the Configurations / System Settings, under Graphic Settings.
     ▼ Change in the Opening Specification of Package Items
          The preview system for Package Items and Random Boxes was changed.
     ▼ Addition of Iris’ Modern Casual Avatar Blueprints
          Iris’ Modern Casual Avatar Blueprints were added to the S Coin Shop.
     ▼ Content Guide Update
          Players can advance classes by progressing in the Class Advancement Quest, which can be received from various NPCs for each class, after their character reaches Level 57 and completing the Main Quest 「Reunion with the Girl」. The Class Advancement Quests are displayed with a red mark.
          ■ Starting NPCs for the Class Advancement Quest
               - Haru: Miriam
               - Lily: Martin
               - Erwin: Tenebris
               - Stella: Tenebris
               - Jin: Miriam
               - Iris: Tenebris
                    ※ All Starting NPCs for the Class Advancement Quest can be found in Grasscover Camp.
          By advancing classes, players can obtain a sub-weapon, new skills, and an avatar.
          ■ Avatars that can be obtained by advancing classes

               [Image: 3-6-1_Class_Advancement_Avatars_-_Edited.png]

          ■ Introductory Page for all Class Advancements
               Haru Estia

                    [Image: 3-6-2_Banner_Haru.png]

                    SWHQ Ref: http://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-SW-JP...ment-10-20
                    JP Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/event/01_update/
               Lily Bloomerchen

                    [Image: 3-6-3_Banner_Lily.png]

                    SWHQ Ref: http://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-SW-JP...otes-12-07
                    JP Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/event/02_update/
               Erwin Arclight

                    [Image: 3-6-4_Banner_Errwin.png]

                    SWHQ Ref: http://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-SW-JP...otes-02-08
                    JP Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/event/03_update/
               Stella Unibell

                    [Image: 3-6-5_Banner_Stella.png]

                    SWHQ Ref: http://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-SW-JP...otes-04-19
                    JP Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/event/05_update/
               Jin Seipatsu

                    [Image: 3-6-6_Banner_Jin.png]

                    SWHQ Ref: http://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-SW-JP...otes-06-21
                    JP Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/event/07_update/
               Iris Yuma

                    [Image: 3-6-7_Banner_Iris.png]

                    SWHQ Ref: http://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-SW-JP...ATCH-NOTES
                    JP Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/event/08_update/
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/guide/80
     ▼ Development and Management Communication Update
          For this Management correspondence, we would like to introduce two hidden chat commands that you might find useful!
          ■ Display Additional Information on Monster Gauges, etc.
               By using this chat command, aside from the usual display bar, the actual number of the enemies’ HP and Super Armor will be displayed.
               ・ Display: ”/monsterstatus 1”
                    [Image: 3-7-1_Display_Monsterstatus_Command.png]

                    [Image: 3-7-2_Display_Monsterstatus_Example.png]
               ・ Hide: ”/monsterstatus 0” (set as default)
                    [Image: 3-7-3_Hide_Monsterstatus_Command.png]

                    [Image: 3-7-4_Hide_Monsterstatus_Example.png]
          ■ Take a Screenshot of only your Character
               By using this chat command, only your character will be taken with a PNG format and everything else if filtered out; i.e. Background, UI, other characters.
               In addition, the PNG file will be saved to a folder named [TargetScreenShot], different to that of a normal screenshot. However, please be advised when using this chat command since it may not be taken normally when the transformation gesture is used.
               ・ Command: ”/png”
                    [Image: 3-7-5_PNG_Command.png]
               Lastly, since these features are not officially supported, we may not be able to send a reply even if we receive an inquiry (お問い合わせ). Also, please note that these features may be subject to change or deletion without prior notice.
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/notice/98, dates after 2018/08/16
     ▼ Notice
          ■ About the Problems where Movement Stops primarily in The Thing
               □ During August 09 maintenance
                    Concerning the in-game lag, we processed lag reduction measures which had been occurring due to the behavior of some characters.
               □ During August 16 maintenance
                    After the August 09 (Thursday) maintenance, we have a confirmed that there was a problem where the game client may forcibly terminate when moving in the map. We are currently investigating this problem including the previous problems.
               □ During August 23 maintenance
                    During the August 23 (Thursday) regular maintenance, we processed multiple optimizations in order to deal with the in-game lag. As for the client crashes when moving in the map, we deeply apologize but, we are still continuously investigating and corresponding this problem with the Development Team.
     ▼ Under Investigation
     ▼ For Confirmation
          ・ For some characters, the DRAW AR Card may not activate properly.
                    (08/25/2018 Addendum: It may not activate when moving or using emergency dodge during activation)
                    (08/27/2018 Addendum: It may also not activate when activating/using basic attacks, special attacks, and/or skills)

     ▼ In Progress
          ・ The description of some items in Stella’s School Swimsuit (White) Package are incorrect.
                    Wrong: Includes 「__Stella’s School Swimsuit (White) Package__」.
                    Correct: Includes 「__Stella’s School Swimsuit (White)__」.
     ▼ Dealt with / Sorted out
          ・ In the System Message being displayed from 「Operation: Dimension Shutter」, the opponents’ character names may be displayed as is.
                    ※ Regarding this problem, we are trying to fix it.
          ・ Under certain conditions, the selected items displayed are incorrect when using the Auto-Disassembly feature.
          ・ The damage from the characteristic 「Defense Penetration」 of Erwin’s Skill 「Guided Shot」 increased than the penetration value.
          ・ When using the avatar’s transformation gestures, it may not be visible to other users.
                    ※ Regarding this problem, we are trying to fix it.
          ・ The My Room items 「Midsummer Noah」 and 「Midsummer Enoch」 are not displayed properly in the My Room Bulletin Board.
     ▼ Specification/s
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/notice/189
     ▼ New Class Advancement Avatar for Sale
               The Item Mall-exclusive original color version of 「Shooting Star of Outstanding Valor」 Avatar will be available for purchase.
               ■ Shooting Star of Outstanding Valor

                    [Image: 5-1-1_Shooting_Star_of_Outstanding_Valor...Edited.png]

                    [Image: 5-1-2_Shooting_Star_of_Outstanding_Valor...Edited.png]

     ▼ Limited-Time Item for Sale
          【Sales Period】
               August 23 (Thursday) ~ September 06 (Thursday), before maintenance
               After the August 09 (Thursday) maintenance, the 「White Late Summer Random Box」 where you can obtain items like the 「School Swimsuit (White)」, etc. will be available for purchase for a limited-time.
                    ※ There is no package for the White Late Summer Random Box available for purchase.
                    ※ The costumes from the image below can be obtained by chance from the 「White Late Summer Random Box」

               [Image: 5-2-1_School_Swimsuit_White_-_Edited.png]

               ■ White Late Summer Random Box**

                    [Image: 5-2-2_White_Late_Summer_Random_Box_Item.png]

                    [Image: 5-2-3_White_Late_Summer_Random_Box_Contents.png]

◆ ◆ NEW EVENTS ◆ ◆

     SWHQ Ref:
          ・ Burning Eventhttp://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-Expir...NING-EVENT
          ・ Casual Raid Eventhttp://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-Live-...RAID-EVENT

     ▼ Burning Event**
          [Image: 6-1_Banner_Burning_Event.jpg]
               August 23 (Thursday) ~ August 26 (Sunday), 23:59 JST

          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/120
     ▼ Casual Raid Event
          [Image: 6-2-1_Banner_Casual_Raid_Event.jpg]
               August 23 (Thursday) ~ September 06 (Thursday), before maintenance
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/119

     SWHQ Ref:
          ・ Equipment Enhancement Eventhttp://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-Live-...MENT-EVENT
          ・ Midsummer New & Comeback Campaignhttp://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-Live-...K-CAMPAIGN
          ・ GAMEcom WebMoney Summer Campaignhttp://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-Live-...R-CAMPAIGN

     ▼ Equipment Enhancement Event
          [Image: 7-1_Banner_Equipment_Enhancement_Event.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/116
     ▼ Midsummer New & Comeback Support Campaign
          [Image: 7-2_Banner_Midsummer_New__Comeback_Support_Campaign.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/108
     ▼ GAMEcom WebMoney Summer Campaign
          [Image: 7-3_Banner_GAMEcom_WebMoney_Summer_Campaign.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/106
     ▼ Merchant Union’s Love Healing Event
          [Image: 8-1_Banner_Merchant_Unions_Love_Healing_Event.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/110
     ▼ Soulworker Crossover Event
          [Image: 8-2_Banner_Soulworker_Crossover_Event.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/109
     ▼ Midsummer New & Comeback Support Campaign – 1st Week
          [Image: 9-1_Banner_Midsummer_New__Comeback_Support_Campaign.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/108
     ▼ Altar of Void Challenge Event
          [Image: 9-2_Banner_Altar_of_Void_Challenge_Event.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/107
[Image: dddfdfd4154fds.gif]

SWHQ Discord: https://discord.gg/wrP2k6b
Soulworker Community: https://discordapp.com/invite/jwdVrdB
FAQ: https://goo.gl/XScBVr

IGN: 朝顔

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