・ Updated Contents
               - Following Specification Changes Scheduled on the July 26 (Thursday) Maintenance
               - Official Website Update
               - About the Shipping of Acrylic Figures
     ・ In-game Bug Information
     ・ Item Mall Update
     ・ New Event
               - Midsummer Screenshot Contest
     ・ Ongoing Events
               - Rumble Vacation Event
               - Doki Doki! Fan Letter Event
     ・ Ended Events
               - Level Up Campaign
               - 「Steel Grave」 Challenge Event
     ・ Item Distribution
               - 「Steel Grave」 Challenge Event – 1st Week
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/update/62
     ▼ Following Specification Changes Scheduled on the July 26 (Thursday) Maintenance
          ■ 「Stella Unibell」’s Skill Adjustments
               Some skills will be enhanced.
          ■ Change in the Required Level of 「[Glutton Capsule] Dangling Glutton」
               Current ⇒ Required Lv 1
               After Change ⇒ Required Lv 25
                    ※ Please note that if you already possess the corresponding item, it will also be subject to the change in required level.
     ▼ Official Website Update
           The following changes were made to the Official Website:
                ・ The Recruitment and Trading Bulletin Boards are directly displayed in the Home Page.
                ・ The Tweets from the Soulworker Official Twitter are displayed.
                ・ During maintenance, the Tweets from the Soulworker Official Twitter are displayed in the Maintenance Page.
     ▼ About the Shipping of Acrylic Figures
          The Acrylic Figures have been shipped on July 18 (Wednesday) to the users who won in the 「Acrylic Figure AGAIN Event」. Since it may take about a week before it arrives depending on your area, we humbly request for your patience.
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/notice/98, dates after 2018/07/12
     ▼ Notice
     ▼ Under Investigation
     ▼ For Confirmation
          ・ The My Room items 「Midsummer Noah」 and 「Midsummer Enoch」 are not displayed properly in the My Room Bulletin Board.
     ▼ In Progress
          ・ The damage from Stella’s Skill 「Soul Scream」 decreased since the July 12 (Thursday) maintenance.
          ・ If the speakers are not recognized from the PC, the progress of the Cinema Talk will play quickly.
     ▼ Dealt with / Sorted out
     ▼ Specification/s
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/notice/180
     ▼ Limited-Time Furniture for Resale
          【Sales Period】
               July 19 (Thursday) ~ August 23 (Thursday), before maintenance
               Let’s overcome the summer heat! After the July 19 (Thursday) maintenance, the 「Summer Vacation」 Series will be for resale for a limited-time, featuring furniture and wallpaper perfect for this summer.
               ■ Summer Vacation Furniture Set (1,520 Y.P)
                    [Image: 3-1_Summer_Vacation_Furniture_Set_Image.jpg]

                    [Image: 3-1_Summer_Vacation_Furniture_Set_List.png]
               ■ Summer Vacation Interior Set (1,480 Y.P)
                    [Image: 3-2_Summer_Vacation_Interior_Set_Image.jpg]

                    [Image: 3-2_Summer_Vacation_Interior_Set_List.png]
               ■ Summer Vacation Accessories (Each sold separately)
                    [Image: 3-3_Summer_Vacation_Accessories_Image.png]

                    [Image: 3-3_Summer_Vacation_Accessories_List.png]
◆ ◆ NEW EVENT ◆ ◆

     SWHQ Ref:
          Midsummer Screenshot Contest: http://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-Live-...OT-CONTEST

     ▼ Midsummer Screenshot Contest
          [Image: 4-1_Banner_Midsummer_Screenshot_Contest.jpg]
               July 19 (Thursday) ~ August 09 (Thursday), before maintenance

          Ref: <http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/103>
     ▼ Rumble Vacation Event
          [Image: 5-1_Banner_Rumble_Vacation_Event.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/102
     ▼ Doki Doki! Fan Letter Event
          [Image: 5-2_Banner_Doki_Doki_Fan_Letter_Event.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/101
     ▼ Level Up Campaign
          [Image: 6-1_Banner_Level_Up_Campaign.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/99
     ▼ 「Steel Grave」 Challenge Event
          [Image: 6-2__7-1_Banner_Steel_Grave_Challenge_Event.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/100
     ▼ 「Steel Grave」 Challenge Event – 1st Week
          [Image: 6-2__7-1_Banner_Steel_Grave_Challenge_Event.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/100
SWHQ Discord: https://discord.gg/wrP2k6b
FAQ: https://goo.gl/XScBVr

We highly encourage everyone to join our SoulWorker HQ Discord.
Most english players use that to interact with each other and share their game experiences, as well as to disseminate events, updates, etc.

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