SW-JP Patch Notes 02/22
     ・ Update Contents
               - Change in Grade granted upon Crafting Equipment
               - Change in Number of General Inventory
               - Addition of Loading Screen
               - Change in Item Mall UI
     ・ In-game Bug Information
     ・ Item Mall Update
     ・ New Events
               - Item Mall Campaign
               - Equipment Creation Support Event
     ・ Ongoing Events
               - AR Burning Festival Event
               - Doki Doki! Fan Latter Event
     ・ Ended Events
               - HAPPY Valentine Event
               - Celebration for Achieving 1,000 Followers Retweet Campaign
◆ ◆ Update Contents ◆ ◆
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/update/34
     ▼ Change in Grade granted upon Crafting Equipment
               Changed the specification of the grade granted upon crafting equipment. However, it is not applied to equipment with required level of 2 or below.
                    Currently ⇒ 0% ~ 100%
                    After change ⇒ 41% ~ 100%
     ▼ Change in Number of General Inventory
               Increased the maximum number of both Inventory and Bank’s General Tab from 5 pages to 8 pages.
     ▼ Addition of Loading Screen
               In the 「New Year’s Holiday Memories Fan Art Contest」, the works with the Best Excellence Award, as well as the Excellence Awards have been applied to the Loading Screen at Character Logout. Moreover, since we also plan to apply these works to the in-game electric bulletin board, we humbly request for some time until application.
     ▼ Change in Item Mall UI
               The Item Mall UI has been renovated.
               Guide: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/shop/introduce/

               [Image: 1-4_Item_Mall_UI.png]

               ① Item Mall Tab
                    Displays window related to the Item Mall by switching tabs.
                         PICK UP: You can purchase recommended items such as new products and resale items.
                         Package: You can purchase packed items such as Avatars, My Room, convenient items.
                         Style: You can purchase things like Hair, Hair color, Eye color, Skin.
                         Fashion: You can purchase Avatars for each part you like.
                         Interior: You can purchase furniture.
                         Support: You can purchase convenient items that will help make game progression comfortable.
               ② Display Screen
                    Displays the contents and products of the selected category in the Item Mall tab. When selecting the item, it will be placed in the cart.
               ③ Confirm owned Y.P / Purchase Y.P / Purchase Item
                    You can confirm your Y.P balance and purchase Y.P. Also, when pressing the Purchase Item button, the purchase screen will be displayed and you will need to make a final confirmation if it will either be for purchase or gift.
               ④ Preview Screen
                    Displays the appearance of the Avatar you have tried on. You can let your character try emotions (gestures), or group purchase the Avatars you have tried on.

◆ ◆ In-game Bug Information ◆ ◆
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/notice/98, dates after 2018/02/15
     ▼ Notice
          ■ About the 「[EV] Artillery of Eternal Vow (Avatar Package)」
               [02/22 Postscript] Fixed the issue during the February 22 (Thursday) maintenance. We deeply apologize to our customers for the trouble and inconvenience due to this problem.

               In regards to Erwin’s Class Advancement quest reward avatar 「[EV] Artillery of Eternal Vow (Avatar Package)」, we have confirmed an error in the tooltip of the weapon avatar inside the corresponding package.
                    Error: Artillery of Eternal Vow (Weapon Avatar) x1
                    Correct: __[Periodic: EV]__ Artillery of Eternal Vow (Weapon Avatar) x1
               The weapon avatar you can obtain is a periodic avatar. We deeply apologize for the confusion this problem has caused to our customers. Likewise, you can obtain a permanent weapon avatar in the 「Artillery of Eternal Vow (Avatar Package)」 that is being sold in the Item Mall.
     ▼ Under Investigation
          ・ Jin’s motion and sound sync does not match in the maze clear result screen.
     ▼ For Confirmation
          ・ When the weapon is taken out, Jin’s Avatar 「Noble on Ice (Costume)」 is not displayed normally.
     ▼ In Progress
          ・ Stamina Gauge is not displayed normally.
          ・ Cannot rescind My Room favorites (or bookmark) when it reaches a maximum of 50.
          ・ Some records may not be displayed in the Records (window).
                    ※ We attempted to fix this problem on the February 22 (Thursday) maintenance, but since new problems were confirmed in doing so, we will continue to deal with this problem.
     ▼ Dealt with / Sorted out
          ・ There is no 「Enhancement Option」 granted in specific enhancement values for gears added in the February 8 (Thursday) update.
          ・ Iris’ Avatar 「Amanda (Costume) – Iris-exclusive」 is not displayed normally.
          ・ Regarding Iris’ Skill 「Full Burst」, the damage increase effect due to the charge phase is not described in the tooltip.
          ・ One’s character preview may not be displayed correctly in the Item Exchange.
     ▼ Specification/s
          ・ When targeting (it’s turned off, by default, in the Configurations), 「Deliver」, 「Trekker」, and 「Mecha Glutton」 that are summoned by the special characteristic of Erwin’s Skill 「Electric Shot」 may also be targeted.
          ・ The 「Valentine Chocolates」 may not drop from the maze 「Buster Core EP1」 at Expert difficulty.
◆ ◆ Item Mall Update ◆ ◆
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/notice/131
     ▼ Guild Name Change Ticket for Sale
               After the end of the February 22 (Thursday) maintenance, the 「Guild Name Change Ticket」 will now be available for purchase in the Item Mall. When the Guild Master uses the 「Guild Name Change Ticket」, you can only change the Guild name without changing the contents.
               ■ Guild Name Change Ticket (Price: 1,000 Y.P)

                    [Image: 3-1_Guild_Name_Change_Ticket_-_edited.png]

               ※ This item can only be used by the Guild Master.
               ※ If the Guild name already exists when trying to change, you will not be able to change to that corresponding Guild name.
     ▼ Limited-Time Avatar for Sale

               February 22 (Thursday) ~ March 8 (Thursday), before maintenance
               After the end of the February 22 (Thursday) maintenance, the Fairy and Noble on Ice Avatar will be available for purchase in the Item Mall for a limited-time.
               ※ The Avatar will only be sold in package (not sold individually).
               ※ To use the 「Skating」 gesture, it is required to wear both 「Fairy / Noble on Ice (Costume)」 and 「Fairy / Noble on Ice (Shoes)」.
               ■ Fairy and Noble on Ice Series (Package-only Sale)

                    [Image: 3-2_Fairy_and_Noble_on_Ice_Avatar_image_-_edited.png]
                    [Image: 3-3_Fairy_and_Noble_on_Ice_Avatar_list_-_edited.png]

          Fashion Catalogue: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/guide/55

◆ ◆ New Events ◆ ◆

     SWHQ Ref: http://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-Live-...-22-Events

     ▼ Item Mall Campaign
               February 22 (Thursday) ~ March 1 (Thursday), before maintenance

          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/51
     ▼ Equipment Creation Support Event

          [Image: 4-2-1_Banner_Equipment_Creation_Support_Event.jpg]

               February 22 (Thursday) ~ March 8 (Thursday), before maintenance

          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/52
◆ ◆ Ongoing Events ◆ ◆
     ▼ AR Burning Festival Event

          [Image: 5-1_Banner_AR_Burning_Festival.jpg]

          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/50
     ▼ Doki Doki! Fan Letter Event
          [Image: 5-2_Banner_Dokidoki_Fan_Letter_Event.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/49
◆ ◆ Ended Events ◆ ◆
     HAPPY Valentine Event
          [Image: 6-1_Banner_Happy_Valentine_Event.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/47
     ▼ Celebration for Achieving 1,000 Followers Retweet Campaign
          [Image: 6-2_Banner_1000_Followers.jpg]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/46
SWHQ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Ac45nS5
FAQ: https://goo.gl/XScBVr

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