SW-KR Patch Notes 8/29
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-Haru job advancement:
+Can start the quest from Miriam NPC after finishing all the main story quests.
+Entering the job advancement dungeon requires an item given from the mission itself, in case you lose the item, you can get it again by canceling the quest and taking it again.

-New town:
+Can be accessed from roco town.

-Level cap increase:
+Level cap extended to 60.

-Dungeon adjustments:
+Normal dungeons/Casual raids/Golden Citadel raid's difficulty adjusted.
+Item drops adjusted according to the difficulty.
+Strong monsters will be highlighted to become noticeable.
+Removal of various traps (ie: Lazers in ark ship).

-Rank system change:
+Changed the details of beginner to rookie system.
+You will both rank exp and character exp between Lv55 and 60.

-Shop update:
+Added eye shape(?) for each character.
+Can now customize personal room's music theme through items.
+Contest costumes added.
+Haru upgrade package added.

-PVP ranking rewards:
+Will be sent to their targets.
For more info, check here http://soulworker.game.onstove.com/Notice/Detail/499

-New daily missions:
+Can get rewards if you help someone else's planting pots five times.

-Bug fixes.

+Improved the HP recovery of some consumables.
+Improved discard furniture feature in personal room.

-End of cash package sales:
+Marine swimsuit costume.
+Glutton event package.

-End of the following events:
+Glutton world.
+Summer festival 2.
+Haru's 100% exp bonus.

Source: http://soulworker.game.onstove.com/Notice/Detail/503
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