Setting & Configurations Be polite with Auto Messages
Note: You don't need to do it if you have Japanese Language Pack installed. It's just an alternative method.

You often see japanese people say: よろしく (yoroshiku) when dungeon starts or お疲れ様でした (otsukaresama deshita) when dungeon ends.

You may seem impolite if you don't answer them...

But there is a setting that help you, and that's the Auto Messages!

It's different from Macro, under certain situations it sends automatic messages that fit the current situation.

How to use it?

[Image: h9sbb2B.png]

That's your Auto Messages (Party Auto Chat) settings. Empty, huh?

Now, let's begin!

You can't paste text into SW, so we are going to insert our text outside the game.

(!IMPORTANT!) Close the game!

1) Navigate to SW game folder (X:\HanPurple\soulworker), maybe your is different.
2) Enter UserData folder
3) Open User_XXXXX_Option (See image below)

[Image: e0xUVOP.png]

4) Search for: AutoWordMSG

[Image: VLMHIIa.png]

Using the "Environmental settings" as reference, we gonna insert our text.

For example, AutoWordMSG_0 = Join the party

So, the lines that matters are: AutoWordMSG_2 and 3 (Mays admission and Mays clear)

So, we can use: 

よろしく! (yoroshiku!) for AutoWordMSG_2
お疲れ様でした (otsukaresama deshita) for AutoWordMSG_3
Lvl Up おめでとぁ (Level Up omedetou) for AutoWordMSG_5 (Bonus!)

[Image: 5UPLkmn.png]


When saving your file, you need to change the file encoding!

Usually it's ANSI, but you will change to UTF-8!


Got to File > Save As...

[Image: bcTmkfO.png]

Change File type to All Files

Now, you change from ANSI to UTF-8 and put ".ini" (without quotes) in the end of you file name. 

[Image: bb8Aqeo.png]


But Nocti, the text in-game are weird, totally different from the ones I wrote...

Don't worry, it's normal for those who don't have installed Japanese language pack (like me)!

I made a japanese friend and while playing with him, I asked if I could test this function with him, and although it seems weird, they see totally normal, and yes, I used this more times with different people, and they always answered me like I was japanese too!  Big Grin

So, you are now a polite player who answer accordingly!

Have fun!

Oh, and if you around level 20 and want someone to play with, add Noctilucent  Heart

PS: Sorry, english is not my native language, so, if there are some errors (yes, there are) just point it out for me, and I correct. Suggestions are welcome.
Good job...i was wondering how to add automessage. Its like a culture in jp game to greet yoroshiku when starting a run and PT arigatou after finishing one. Pso2 was easier with copy and paste.
Yes, I kinda feel bad without greeting or praise for the run, while they are polite with me. Closers supported copy and paste also, it was easier.
Thanks a lot for this tip, never knew there was an auto-chat option like this! (I usually go solo or party with my brother, but nevertheless, it's a nice feature!)
Lily: まりかさん
Erwin: Mesh
Thank you for this~
I felt bad not responding to them.
yeah thanks i always responded with smiles like an idiot XD
I've done this, but it didn't work.
Don't you need to change:


to 1 for it to work?
(04-20-2016, 01:41 PM)Spadow Wrote: I've done this, but it didn't work.
Don't you need to change:


to 1 for it to work?

No, at first I modified that too, but 1 = Don't use. Keep it 0 for both options.
i did it the easy way just write it normally lol
I just typed it out in the game itself :v
KouNaki [Haru]
かつき [Lily]
I did it also, after I installed japanese language pack, before that, only this method worked for me  Tongue
Does it only post the message if you are in a party? Did a Solo run to see if it works and never posted anything. (In my settings it has words for each AutoMsg slot... but I never see them posted in each mission /// Enter Dungeon/Finish Dungeon)
Only with a party.

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