Setting & Configurations Changing Resolution via .ini file
I've always had an issue with changing the resolution in game, no matter what I select it would always say "You can set to a higher game resolution than the present one" and no changes would be made. 

To force the resolution in SoulWorkerHQ is quite simple, please follow the instructions outlined below:
  • Ensure SoulWorker is closed
  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Head to your game directory (e.g. C:/Games/Soulworker)
  • Find general.ini
    [Image: yDPArPi.png]
  • Right click the file and press edit
  • You'll see a range of options here
  • The options you're looking for are:
    - WIDTH= *Change to whatever you need (e.g. 1920)
    - HEIGHT = *Change to whatever you need (e.g. 1080)
    - SCREENMODE= *0 is Bordered and change to 1 if you want borderless fullscreen
    [Image: YLvJqmk.png]
  • CTRL+S To Save
  • Load up Soul Worker as usual
Hopefully this helps with anyone dealing with a similar issue.

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