Setting & Configurations Crash Fix
Does your character's name look like this?
[Image: g7Ny2AC.png]
Does your minimap look like this?
[Image: FILAMXF.png]
Does the game keep crashing for you everytime you use emotes and randomly everywhere?

Just disable your audio device on sound settings before starting the game as shown below:
[Image: uiPMyXf.png]
Feel free to turn it back on after starting the game, this should help fixing the frequent crashes and allow you to play the game at least, at the cost of kawaii desu voice & music.

Yes, with great power comes great reponsability..

Rememeber that this only fix the crash issues and give no cookies.

Credits:Tsu from discord.
bonus fix: feed your PC more weed
Didn't work for me T_T
1st : thanks Person for guide
and now i got 1 way fix crash issue without pay any sound

install something software like DFX Audio Enhancer for new driver audio
1 Headphone/Speakers Device set as Default Communication Device
2 DFX Audio Enhancer Device set as Default Device
done just run a game and enjoy the sounds.
[Image: adH3NhW.png]

Sorry for my bad English, hope u guys understand that
There is already a fix for this things, you can see it in this post
that post just black name, minimap...... but dun work on crash fix (for me)
there only i say just for crash fix but not black name. minimap......
I warks for the Sound crash fix if you set all things to japane locale, I crashed with the emotes sounds and all that things, and after setting all that i can play with sound and not crashing
i tired for try that, all of my system Japanese , but not fixing the crash, then now i just change my fomat type of clock for Japanese and install that software, that fix all my issue, and now i can play SW with my vietnamese system and full sound without crash or not just Japanese system
but the question remains who and when and why this happens to some people  Undecided

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