Setting & Configurations Transfer Your Soulworker Account From Hangame To WeMade Online
As stated in the thread title, this is a guide on how to transfer your Soulworker account data from Hangame to WeMade Online.

Note: I used Google Chrome when making this guide so I am unsure if there are any differences when using other web browsers at this time.
If there's a significant difference when using a different browser, I suggest using Google Chrome instead so you can follow this guide.

Also Note: If you have any questions or problems with this process, please ask for help in the Discord instead of here since you'll get a faster reply
and because I don't plan on monitoring this thread since I mostly pay attention to the Discord.
  • Step 1: Go to Hangame's new Soulworker webpage and login:
  • Step 2: Hover your mouse over the Game Start button and click the button in the pop-up above it as shown in this picture.
  • Step 3: You'll be taken to the following page. Click the button as shown.
  • Step 4: You'll be prompted to download the WeMade Online game launcher.
    Download the file, then run it to install the launcher.

  • Step 5: Now that you've installed the game launcher, go back to the Soulworker page and click the Game Start button.
    You'll get the following pop-up telling you that you need to consent to transfering your account data. Click the OK button.

  • Step 6: You'll then be redirected to the following page to confirm whether you want to transfer your account data or not.
    Click the left circle for "Yes" then click the orange button to continue.

  • Step 7: Now go back to the Soulworker page and click the Game Start button again.
    You'll then get this pop-up asking you to accept their Terms of Service. Click the OK button.

  • Step 8: You'll then be redirected to the following page.
    Choose your gender and enter your birthdate, select Agree, then click the confirm button.

  • Step 9: Congratz! Your account data has now been transfered. However, you will continue to login through Hangame.
    Now go back to the Soulworker page and click the Game Start button once again.
    You'll be redirected to the following page. Simply click the pop-up shown at the top to start the game launcher.
    Note: If you don't get the pop-up, you may need to restart your browser and then try again.

  • Step 10: If everything went well, you'll see the game launcher open.
    If you already have the game installed, it'll automatically start updating the game.
    Once it's done updating, the launcher will look like the following image. Click the larger button at the bottom right to start the game.

    Have fun~
Everytime the launcher pop out, it said that patch failed and ask me to restart the launcher.

Is there any issue about this also or it just me?
Mina, need solution  Sad
Need to re-download?
[Image: Stuck.png]
#4 , it always pop up when I click "yes". Can somebody help me how to fix it ?
I've finished downloading the game from the WeMade launcher, it's now installing. But whenever the yellow install bar goes to 100%, the launcher disappears with no warning.
Edit: I'm reinstalling the game
NHN japan authentication problem :/
Always Script Error,
Start one time with the " NHN Japan authentification failed. "
And now it keep showing this shit then close the launcher, can't even patch the game.
[Image: 583535SWError.png]
Even if i redownload SW, the time stop there and the green bar wont move.
ps: My internet is stable enought, but im not connected to any VPN.

.png   Capture.PNG (Size: 845.28 KB / Downloads: 454)
Hey, does everybody who wants to play again to do this?
im not sure what maintenance they had the last 2 days but since them i cant log in to the game, it should be possible by now, im using english patch with soulworker patcher, im getting this error

[Image: Unbenannt.png]

so do we have to do this and why exactly?
thanks for helping,
Jinyu Smile
does any body having delay issues while attacking the monster since transfer ?
NOTE: This is a copy-paste message from the other threads regarding game launcher and patcher problems some players have experienced after the service transfer


Please bear with us while the contributors are still fixing stuffs due to the problems that arise after the service transfer. Especially on the english patcher since only one person, Miyu, mainly works on it.

To be able to use the english patcher, there're currently temporary band-aid solutions presented below while Miyu updates the patcher to reflect permanent fixes:

Note: I'm not sure if this will also "fix" the game launcher problems some players have been experiencing due to problems in their existing Hangame game files, but you may as well try it just in case. . .
  1. Follow the steps done in this youtube guide:
  2. (This is not recommended for those who are familiar with editing registry values. . . Making incorrect edits may cause harm to your PC) 
    • If you already installed the game before service was transferred from Hangame to WeMade Online:
      • Value: Folder
      • Data: <folder path of Soulworker>, e.g. C:\HanPurple\soulworker
    • If you downloaded (or re-downloaded) the game via WeMade:
      • Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\WeMade Online\Soulworker
      • Value: InstallPath
      • Data: <folder path of Soulworker>, e.g. D:\soulworker

Please note that the direct login support from the english patcher is currently unavailable for the JP service (for the time being, as Miyu stated).

Hope this helps.

Also. . . Discord invite link is temporarily disabled due to a recent case of spammers. Sorry for the inconvenience.
SWHQ Discord:

We highly encourage everyone to join our SoulWorker HQ Discord.
Most english players use that to interact with each other and share their game experiences, as well as to disseminate events, updates, etc.

IGN: 朝顔

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