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Hey Guys! Big Grin

I was wondering if anyone knew enough about Erwin to reccomend a good skill build for late/endgame content? I've read through the translated skill data for him but so far i've only been focussing on skills that deal high damage or have decent AoE/SA break and buffs, not so much on skills that are good for actually comboing. I only just noticed that using combos and chaining the skills give bonuses  Confused and i'm not really good when it comes to figuring out efficient combos to use and what bonuses to use for each tier. So if anyone could help me with skill builds and combos it would be really helpful!

Thanks in advance!
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Raw damage is still good in late game. Combo wise you can pm me on discord or refer to my vids (Tony Ha (Aquastony). Core combo would consist of slidestep and machine gun.

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