Skill Simulator (Microsoft Office, No Translation)
Made by Taiwan player. Source
Creator agree to share.
Required: Microsoft Office

Due I'am unable to translate the word i will just give a simple instruction.

Choose character from the main bar.

大劍 - Haru
鐮刀- Lily

Edit the value by press the level and skill.

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.xlsx   Soul X Worker 技能配點表 (1).xlsx (Size: 888.58 KB / Downloads: 1,296)
I don't think you start with 3 SP invested in skills already. But still, if we get 137 SP to work with, that is definitely plenty.

Also, putting points into passives doesn't seem to subtract any SP.

EDIT: You actually do start the game with 1 SP already in your first three skills. So we do get 140 SP to work with.

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