So which char you think is kinda OP?
I still don't know which class to settle currently I have a level 33 Haru and 28 Stella.

My Haru sports 20k HP and can crit for like 18k (and crits a lot due to block AR) tons of skill to use, high super armor break. Only problem is lack on strong large AoE skills but makes up for them powerful single strike skills. Her break skills gives her Super Armor and faster movement speed letting you rush bosses with reckless abandon.

Stell on the other hand, I found OP on early but I am having doubts if it can match my Haru DPS wise, can't spam skills as fast as Haru due to her SG having a regen mechanic (as opposed to Haru which is hit based) but nice cone AoE and the biggest seller for me is she has a heal skill which would probably invaluable in later stages.

I haven't tried the other two so I can't give any feedback, so what you think? I wanna settle on a char if ever NA is released.
In true there are no ost OP char here. every hero is good on its own way (at least for me).

I found Lily most fun. She is rly fast and have pretty good radius, but some skills are highly punishable. Still she have high crit and LS.

As for Ervin i see him as typical dps/combo character. he is rly fun to play. good radius, range and can make rly good dmg. he have lower hp than Lily tho.

Haru is eassiest to play i think, but most OP? nah... She dont have skills "for every occasion" like lilly or Ervin. Dunno how to call that kind of character... Mayby 50/50?

Stella is hardest to play (even game show that). She have smallest hp, BUT she have that heal of hers. She is typical support and can play as tank if you can use her (becouse of heal).

Everything depends on your play style.
I have only tried Lily and Arclight and watch my friend play Stella

I think Stella will be an OP PvE Character because the skill is pretty much awesome and really nice.

And Erwin can be an OP PvP Character if there is one ...

I want to try haru next time, and can't comment much about Lily since she's maybe (?) very balance about PvE or PvP.
Here's a gameplay video of late game Stella: .
The other party member is using Haru so you can check out the damage she deals from my PoV.

I haven't tried Erwin and Lily yet either.
Erwin has alot skills that allows to kite pretty hard and with the evasion passive the mob hits wont do as much. He also has some devastating way to super armor break the bosses with his self buff along with dps. Problem with him is how SG works on him and his main skills has a decent amount of cooldowns not to mention that evasion can only go so far. But that can be easily covered but some of his skills isnt worth taking at all. You can refer to my videos 'Tony Ha(Aquastony)'.
haru have several problem as a melee character
1.her super armor break skill share two path ways which either you choose aoe or more hits....tough call there...
2.her 6 combo always end up short before the elite/boss starts to attack (you need to invest attack speed)...and its her last hit that actually gives huge SG recovery. Either you use 4 hit combo and roll out
3. her pierce stab dash overshoots while sometimes fails to bring together mobs...
4. wind break which is her most powerful aoe clearing skill requires lv 50 with upgrade to be strong. Even without upgrade it can pretty much kill normal mobs with one single wave slash at point blank.
5. her DOTS cross slash is really hard to utilize since mobs move out from does huge damage if mobs stay in the flame aoe...

she does have huge super armor break skill....leaf that hits 1.43k multiplier+flash stab at 907 + blade quake
her aoe bread butter skill fast slash have +1k multiplier. However the issue is she always step way foward and miss half of its damage. (rising slash)

so far saw one video haru with 46k hp and pretty much 5k cric dmg stat on lv 51 sword and her leaf aoe does 43k damage if she takes hit upgrade should be ~55k. She pretty much didnt evade shion (final boss of season 1) and just attack her. High hp meta i guess...

As for now stella healing is way op to the point you can bring stella and one yolo guy tanking/dps the boss non stop. I wonder can she tank the same if this was CBT1 difficulty vs shion....raven was hard in CBT1 seeing how he easily does 5-8k damage.
How does each character SG works anyway? I am only familiar with the two. And break too.

Haru = SG charge when ever you attack an enemy (similar to PSO2) so as long as you stick to enemy and attack, you can use skills continiously. Her break is SA and Movement speed so it lets you really stick to bosses, providing you dont ran out of HP

Stella = Auto recovers slowly, plus 20% recovery when you change stance (right click) so gameplay requires the usage of both stances for maximum spammability. Her break is increased SG recovery to the point of being near infinite so it lets you spam skills in fast succession.

I like that they actually make every character plays differently from one another.

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