Some questions
1. Any tips for Haru on how to clear steel grave 10-3?

2.Any specific AR  card that's good for Haru?

3. Can anyone tell me which skill(s) I should max out for Haru?

4.Which lv55 weapon is best for Haru?

Thanks in advance! Smile
1. cant remember which 10-3 was..later ill check or maybe someone can help(seek discord) that the one with single blast huge dmg to player?

2. martin for any character....other than that, grouping card like jukebox, any dps cards (strike force, block, etc). (if you have juke box its easy to rack 300 combo in one suction this synergize with research combo card (combo 100,200,300) easy proc.

3. at lv 55 you will have enough to max nearly all her skill. just dont bother blow up skill....its not worth it.
make sure max flash stab and leap strike early on for huge damage/SA damage. Use cross slash whenever possible..its actually her highest dps attack if mobs stay in the firepit.

4. kureisu sword( cant remember how to spell this lv 55 blue) is the best. The only reason is because its cheaper than grave/white avenger. You have a chance to craft cric% cdmg% and penetration. You can even buy those...(ofcouse expensive). Dont look at its raw damage but rather which one have good stats such highest cdmg...thats where most dmg comes from.  grave/white avenger requires  lucky stat roll...if not blue kureisu sword lv 55 is the cheapest to craft.

haru weakness is low cric% (coz most of her hard hitting is  single hit....miss one lose loads of dps.).....if you get your sword with 900cdmg+6% cric ...thats even better than white avenger/grave with crappy roll (not to mention the mats is crazy hard to get and you have only one chance of rolling it). Better luck with kureisu blue lv 55...
What is the name of Martin's AR card key?
Lily: まりかさん
Erwin: Mesh
I think it's Old Cartoon? smth cartoon
Thanks! Searched "Cartoon" up. "Old Cover of Cartoon".
Lily: まりかさん
Erwin: Mesh

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