Some stats query...
1.anyone have rough idea how much is character default critical value? the start of the game it shows 1% but its pretty normal to see critical strikes. Which i believe we do have hidden critical im about 10% cric and i see loads of cric value. Ive never seen any mmo i played with 10% cric that have such high proc rate....

2. attack speed: how much is needed to be noticable? i feel like my combo seems to be the same with 12% speed....even with AR  speed buff card and km speed pill...i dont really notice much difference..

3. is hit stats even necessary as for now?

4. general damage reduction and boss damage reduction....does general reduction only works on mobs? does it work on boss ( although i doubt it)?

5. Can anyone explain penetration?do mobs even have high defenses? i noticed im hitting the same whether its VH or normal mode.  This stats is soo costly... Heck the set bonus brooch only appears in GIGA rarity...i wonder if this stats is even worth it for random roll stats on gear...

6. durability......does your weapon performance degrade when durability is low.. Most game durablity just cant use that weapon....1% still perform as good as 100%. For some reason whenever i solo i feel like i perform better with higher durability....maybe thats just me...
1. RNGesus is smiling on us.... or maybe not. I would like to know why as well.

2. I don't know about you, but I can notice a 10% boost for Stella. It's very minimal though.

3. Not really. Unless you are really pissed off about getting a "MISS" when hitting a supply box.

4. I'm not too sure about this, but if GENERAL affects boss, I doubt anyone would even bother buying bonus BOSS dmg when you can just buy GENERAL and get bonus damage on both.

5. This is just my own opinion based on experience, but i do find penetration useful. You are right on it being costly, and you can just skip it unless you are really funded and want to have easy dungeon run. It's not a necessity.

6. Both your gear and weapon performs just as well as from 1% to 100%. If it reaches 0%, it's like you are not holding a, in my case, guitar. It will just seem as if you did not equip any weapon or gear.
In short, no stats from that 0 durability equipment is applied on you. I experienced this on my weapon before.
how does penetration works?
ive played lots several mmo and penetration pretty much have different mechanics in their respective games..
since its direct google translate so not sure tool tips description...

mechanics 1 TLDR so ill collapse it as spoiler
cric damage mechanics?
mechanic 2: completely bypass defense with chances
As the game undergo further development, im pretty sure later on, DR & resist plays a vital role in survivability. Thats the  point when you have to decide hp/DR/reisist/penetration/critical roll on gear & socketing. For those who never seen CBT difficulty... ravan fight...skip 13.45... i bet we will get this difficulty or even higher in future...

so its been posted in brooch translation section..
so far i stack 7% penetration shield and didnt notice any differences in mobs and that boss. Maybe i need more...As for now i noticed cric damage is the way to go.. If you have 4k+ cric damage with 15% chance on Haru....VH boss drop in about less 2 minutes.

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