Soul Worker 4/20 Patch Notes
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Hello Everyone,

Here is the Patch Notes for 4/20, the first one since Official Release. Be sure to check the maintenance notice here.
Soul Worker Maintenance 4/20

Patch Notes Content
  • New Raid "Junk Hive" will be implimented. ( From Maintenance Notice )
  • Added UI Size Adjustment (Read Below)
  • Changes in the FP System (Read Below)
  • Skill UI Adjustment (Read Below)
  • Current Display Change (Read Below)
  • Lily's Skill Bug Fixes (Read Below)
  • Misc Bug Fixes.

UI Scaling Examples (Right Click and Open Image for Full Size)

[Image: uisize_100.png] [Image: uisize_130.png]

UI Scaling in Settings

[Image: uisize.png]

Fatigue Changes (Thanks to @rynndra.lee on Discord) 
  • 50% of FP Cost of the Dungeon is spent when you enter the dungeon. The remaining 50% of the FP is consumed based on the progression of the dungeon.
  • If at any point that you leave the dungeon, the remaining 50% of the FP is spent.
Other Changes

Skill UI will show number of SP given for the next Level.
[Image: tsuika2.png]

Different Achievement Icon
[Image: tsuika.png]

Currency Display Change
Proper currency will show when visiting NPC Shops. Store will always show Zenny regardless of Store NPC.
  • Reading / Jaito = Display only Zenny at Store UI
  • Booker TV = Display only BP at Store UI
  • Blank transfer machine = Display only S Coin at Store UI
Other Notable Fixes
  • Lily's Skill "Death Guillotine" bug fixes based on the Client.
  • Fixed Supporter AI in at certain quested in Ruin Fortress.
  • Fixed Steel Grave Chapter 10-3 where if a poison debuff would carry over after clearing a stage.
  • Fixed Steel Grave Chapter 14-4 Bugs
  • Fixed Bug where Stella's cooldown was glitched under certain states.
  • Fixed Bugs in the Buster Core Dungeon.
  • Fixed Bug where skills will disappear from the Skill Bar after logging out.
  • Fixed Bug where Stella players can not close the result screen at the time of dungeon completion by the Esc key.
  • Fixed Bug  on "When attacked, in x% of probability, y seconds Super Armor" effect on Broach where the activation of Super Armor can be lost when moving.
  • Fixed Bug where costume piece "Modern Casual Tights" on Lily where graphics may not be displayed correctly.

Source: Patch Notes
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