Soul Worker CBT2 Results
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Character Usage
  • Stella (Howling Guitar) 31%
  • Lily (Mist Scythe) 28.1%
  • Haru (Soulum Sword) 25.3%
  • Erwin (Gun Jazz) 16.5%
CBT Playtime Statistics
  • Highest Level Obtained: 1 Player at Level 52
  • Fastest Time for Player to Reach Final Stage: 37 hours 15 minutes
  • Most Time Played by a Player: 56 hours
  • Most Amount of Money Earned by a Player: 7,582,655
Most Popular Furniture
[Image: sw_0323_repo_04.png]
Notable Game Related Notes

Dungeons were too difficult.
There will be some balance changes in the OBT.

Boss super armor can't be destroyed.
Super Armor was too easy to be destroyed in the last beta test. Certain skills were able to break super armor very quickly. Tweaks will be made in the OBT.

Basic inventory space is too small.
Initial inventory space will be increased from 32 to 64. Consumable items can be used to increase inventory space.

Money acquisition was too low.
There was too much money being earned in the last beta test. Money can be earned by performing achievements, and it is expected to grow in the future.

Item drop rate for bosses and dungeon was too low.
Drop rate is expected to increase in the later tests.

HEMs (Postal NPC) was too loud in houses.
Sound will be adjusted accordingly within the house.

Source (VPN Not Required to View)
Soul Worker - Hangame
Do NOT PM me for game related questions! Use Discord Chat or Forums for Support.

Soul Worker Information
Stamina Reset: 10 AM JST
» Other Timezones: 6PM PDT | 9PM EDT

Major Updates
» Character Rebalance
» Cultivation System
» Golden Citadel

Latest Patch Notes
» Patch Notes 6/15

Latest Trailer
» Animation Short 5

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