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Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone is enjoying the Soul Worker OBT, and Official Release is coming real soon. The official release is on April 6, and more details of any patches and news will be posted. To celebrate the new release, we will be giving away some Webmoney. Webmoney is one of the currency that is used for the Cash Shop. At the moment, we will give away four$10 codes. There might be additional prizes to be added in the future. The deadline to make the entries is April 10 9PM EST, and the winner will be posted on April 11.
  1. You must have an account on Soul Worker HQ.
  2. You must have a full completed Discord Profile. (Create a Discord Account & Upload a Profile Picture)
  3. You must be in the Soul Worker HQ Discord Server
How to Enter: 
  1. Make a post in this thread once a day everyday until the deadline. The reset happens every 9 PM EST, the same time of FP reset.
Good Luck to everyone that is participating.


HQ Staff
Do NOT PM me for game related questions! Use Discord Chat or Forums for Support.
Wew Lad
Good luck,folks.
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Hype af. Day 1 my boys.
GL everyone XD
Day 1!
Good luck (Y)
Good luck to everyone.
yay free stuff
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-Playing Soul Worker-
1. (Mist Scythe) - Lv. 19   IGN: Vinx
2. (Gun Jazz) - Lv. 11  IGN: Ricey
3. (Howling Guitar)- Lv. 11  IGN: Marionetta
4. (Soulum Sword) - Not Yet

[Image: giphy.gif]
I wish Haru will be a fighter like her! *- *;
Good luck with the giveaway everyone!!!!
Welp, good luck guys~ <3
Playing Games:
1. Closers: Dimension Conflict (KR)
- Class: Caster - IGN: Onozuka
- Class: Rogue - IGN: ReisenInaba
- Class: Witch - IGN: HanaKirisaki

2. Soul Worker (JP)
- Class: Soulum Sword- IGN: Haruko
Blanc best girl
Kyle  - Gunjazz
Ky - Soulum Sword
WhiteHeart - Howling Guitar
PeanutButter - Mist Scythe
Good Luck! And thanks for this opportunity!
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Rule number 69: Do not forget to be dank

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